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Monster Adistar Bluetooth Adidas Headphones

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In a world full of wireless Bluetooth signals engulfing the space around us, maybe its time to clear the air a bit... Nah, why even think of that? We need 'Moar' wireless! Thus, the Monster Adistar came into existence. With a pricey price tag and a light weight body for those jog-aholics out there this may be your device to hold dear during those long trips, please, please... the sidewalk was made for a reason...
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Netis WF2681 Gaming Beacon

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Netis Beacon AG1200 Gaming Router   When trying to achieve…
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PNY CS2211 SSD Review

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Announced January 19th PNY has launched the XLR8 SSD. The CS2211 targets the Gamer/Enthusiast Market with read speeds of up to 565 MB/s. Today we have hands on the 480Gb model and we are going to see exactly how it performs in our system.
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Ventev 3015+ Battery Pack/Wall Charger combo

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Ventev 3015+ Battery Pack/Wall Charger combo Ever thought to yourself…
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AMD FX-8370 Vishera Review

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AMD's FX-8370 comes into the gaming and enthusiast field of CPU's with a fantastic Vishera architecture and a price tag of $200. Does it compare well to the Intel in speed? Or does it destroy its competition? Read on to find out!
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TechwareLabs CES 2016 Booth Babes!

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No coverage of this annual Consumer Electronics Show would be complete without a look at the stunning babes from the show floor and press events. Grab onto your seat and get some ice packs as these ladies are hot. TechwareLabs brings you a quick peek at some of the babes from CES 2016!
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  • Announcement written by: on Feb 9 2016, 10:42 am

    Understanding the Differences Between Cloud Deployment Models


    Cloud computing is transforming how organizations operate in the digital age as physical servers and traditional methods are increasingly being replaced by always-on Internet applications and storage. Leveraging the public cloud can be hugely beneficial as it cuts capital expenditure significantly and offers increased flexibility and scalability; however, you need to take a closer look at security, compliance and IT management continuity to decide the best course of action for your business. There are four primary cloud deployment models your business could adopt. We will look at the three most popular forms.

    Public Cloud

    The public cloud is open for public usage and is a service delivered over a network. Leading vendors such as Infor render services, products and software to clients and these clients do not have any direct control over the infrastructure. Public cloud could be ideal for your business if you require Software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications to transform your customer service operations, if you want to develop, test and manage apps or collaborate across the enterprise. These tasks would typically require large investment in infrastructure so the cloud helps to reduce operational IT costs. Public cloud services are usually provided on a pay-per-user license policy.


  • Announcement written by: on Jan 14 2016, 11:11 am

    CES 2016: ToughTested Premiers Six New Virtually Indestructible Products and Innovation Award-Winning Earbuds


    Exclusive polymer braid technology and rugged smartphone accessories on display in South Hall, Booth 30754 (LAS VEGAS, NV – Jan. 6, 2016) – ToughTested, a leader in rugged accessories for portable mobile devices, announces six new products in its array of virtually indestructible offerings for smartphones. The new products are on display in the South Hall, Booth 30754 at CES 2016. ToughTested products are inspected at three to five times the level of typical manufactured smartphone accessories, with features like a new durable protective polymer weave covering and tangle resistant braided nylon sleeve on its cables with specifically designed heavy-duty strain reliefs and reinforced stress points as a standard features in its power solutions, cords, and cases. Originally built for automotive, trucking and tradesmen, the workplace functionality of ToughTested can easily expand to other consumers who demand a more resilient accessory for work, home or travel.


  • Announcement written by: on Jan 13 2016, 9:40 pm


    The ultimate cinema experience at home with powerful sound that flows around you!a


    Announcing the Philips Fidelio AT1 Soundbar Speaker 

    LAS VEGAS – January 6, 2016 <<Consumer Electronics Show>>Building on Philips’ proud heritage of home cinema design and innovation, Gibson Brands is proud to announce the debut of the Philips Fidelio AT1 Soundbar Speaker. Combining Philips’ proprietary Ambisound technology, up-firing speakers and sound processing with Dolby Atmos®, the Fidelio AT1 redefines the home cinema experience by bringing the powerful, lifelike and flowing three-dimensional cinema-like sound to a single, elegant soundbar.

    The Fidelio AT1 Soundbar Speaker features a suite of 18 speakers with two up-firing speaker modules, creating 5.1.2 channels of sound including height dimension.  On either side are 3 mid-range drivers, with one driver on each side dedicated exclusively to voice for optimum voice clarity. Remaining drivers combined with precisely angled tweeters allow the Fidelio AT1 to create an enlarged sound stage far wider than its own length.


  • Announcement written by: on Jan 13 2016, 3:18 pm

    Enjoy the Big Game with the Ultra-Bright, Big Screen Epson Home Cinema 1440

    Transform Your Living Room into a Front Seat Stadium View With the Ultra-Bright, Full HD Home Entertainment Projector


    LONG BEACH, Calif. – Jan. 13, 2016 With football playoffs in full swing and the big game right around the corner, it’s time to start planning the ultimate viewing party. And this year, there’s no need to leave your living room to enjoy this season’s defining plays and nail-biting moments when you can immerse yourself with a bright, big-screen experience up to 300 inches using theEpson Home Cinema 1440. Offering 4,400 lumens of color brightness and 4,400 lumens of white brightness1, Full HD 1080p resolution and advanced image quality technology, the Home Cinema 1440 transforms even the brightest of living rooms into a real-life stadium experience in a matter of minutes.

    “Root for your favorite team at this year’s big game party with a viewing experience that will make your guests feel like they’re watching the game from the 50-yard line,” said Brian Savarese, senior product manager, Epson America. “Once you and your friends experience the game using the Home Cinema 1440 projector, you’ll never want to go back to a small TV again. The big, bright picture plus convenient setup tools, full HDMI® and MHL support2 make this projector the perfect option for the real, big-screen experience.”


  • Announcement written by: on Jan 12 2016, 10:14 am

    EHang Launches First-Ever Autonomous Aerial Vehicle “EHang 184” at CES

    Groundbreaking Vehicle Marks a New Chapter in Transportation; Initial Design Showcased at CES

    January 6, 2015, LAS VEGAS – EHang, a Chinese unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) company, unveiled today at CES the EHang 184, the world’s first electric, personal Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) that will achieve humanity’s long-standing dream of easy, everyday flight for short-to-medium distances. Developed independently by EHang, the fully ready-to-fly AAV is a manned drone capable of automatically carrying a passenger through the air, simply by entering a destination into its accompanying smartphone app. Due to the 184’s fully automated navigation, made possible by EHang’s 24/7, real-time flight command center, passengers have no need for a pilot’s license – they simply sit back and let the drone take over from there. This first realization of automated flight signifies a major turning point not only for the transportation industry, but also for a huge swath of other fields such as shipping, medical care and retail.


  • Announcement written by: on Jan 10 2016, 10:11 pm

    Moshi Introduces Helios Backpack Series at CES 2016

    Lightweight, minimalistic backpacks are designed to accommodate all styles and profiles

    Helios Backpack Series

    Las Vegas, Nev. – Jan. 5, 2016 – Moshi, designer of simple, sophisticated electronics and accessories, today showcased its new Helios backpack line at Pepcom Digital Experience at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Moshi’s new backpack series features two sizes to accommodate different profiles and needs: Helios, which will fit up to a 15-inch laptop, and Helios Lite, which will fit up to a 13-inch laptop.