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Testing and Actual Use:

The CX Gold is an action camera and meant to be used to capture on the go action footage to be shared. If the captured footage is shaky, lacking in color or vibrancy, then what good is it. I am happy to tell you that the CX Gold captures excellent footage and gives you easy access to finding the right kind of settings for your needs. Connect your CX Gold to your smartphone via the ACTIVEON App and get access to your camera as a monitor and gain the ability to change settings in an easy on the go type of setting. The changes are made immediately on the camera and visible via indicators on the screen. This means that once the camera has been mounted to your car, bike, drone etc you can make changes and see exactly what the camera is recording without having to unmount and make changes on the camera itself. This is extremely handy. Capture the exact footage you want, the way you want it.actioncam_app21The app gives you access to every function and setting that the camera has as well as more importantly giving you immediate feedback on how that change affects your footage. If you make an EV, WB, or Program mode change, you can see the effect live from your phone. This allows you to set up your camera perfectly to suit different environments.Our first test of the CX Gold came during CES where we used it to capture time lapse footage of the CES show floor. If you want to see just how expansive the CES show is, take a look at our captured footage below.


As a consumer self I would pick up the CX Gold and make use of the GoPro Accessories that are compatible due to the similar form factor and mounting methods. I had the opportunity to look at and use several of the accessories made by ACTIVEON and I was very impressed. Especially impressive was the Roll Bar Mount.  Having tested several different implementations of this style mount made by numerous companies I can tell you that ACTIVEON’s version eliminates nearly all the vibration and leads to much more stable video. It is also extremely easy to use and made well.
roll_bar_01_23k-468x468ACTIVEON makes a good range of additional accessories but nothing as crazy as the amazingly extensive add-on’s by GoPro. In the end you aren’t forced to buy a GoPro camera to suit your needs as I mentioned the form factor and mounts are so similar that you can easily buy the CX Gold and then whatever you need from the GoPro accessories as it is most likely compatible. GoPro may have shot themselves in the foot by being the market leader with their lineup.

In our experience, we tested the Selfie Stick, the External Mic, Roll Bar Mount, and Bag of Mounts. We could not find the external mic accessory on their site but it should appear soon as we have retail packaging in hand. Other accessories to stay tuned for include the external remote and the Motorized Panning Head.

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