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ACTIVEON Releases Solar X and X Station


Integrated  Lens  System  Offers  New  Options   for  On-­‐the-­‐Go  Videographers


Las  Vegas,  NV  –  January  5,  2016  -­‐  ACTIVEON  makes  it  easier  to  capture  life’s  remarkable   moments  with  the  new  SOLAR  X  action  camera  that  offers  4K  performance  and  a  unique  solar-­‐ charging  solution.    The  ACTIVEON  SOLAR  X  joins  the  lineup  of  ACTIVEON  cameras  on  display  this   week  at  the  company’s  CES  2016  display  (Central  Plaza  107.)      “ACTIVEON  cameras  are  made  to   capture  incredible  life  experiences  and   our  new  SOLAR  X  captures  those   memories  in  4K  quality.  We’ve  designed   the  SOLAR  X  to  be  like  nothing  else  in  the   market  today,  with  a  slender  profile,  a   lens  system  protected  by  smooth,   toughened  glass,  and  a  unique   recharging  system  that  uses  the  sun  itself   to  recharge  its  battery.    So  even  if  you’re   in  the  middle  of  nowhere,  you  can  keep   recording  your  adventures,”  said  Frank   Donato  Executive  Vice  President  of   ACTIVEON.    “We  expect  the  action   camera  market  to  nearly  double  in  size  in   the  next  two  years,  to  nearly  20  million  units  annually.

ACTIVEON SOLAR X charging station

That’s  why  ACTIVEON  is  continuing  to   innovative  and  bring  to  market  new  ideas  that  are  groundbreaking  and  affordable.”     Not  only  is  the  ACTIVEON  SOLAR  X  able  to  capture  extraordinary  photographs  and  videos,  but  it   also  connects  with  ACTIVEON’s  X  Station  to  avoid  missing  special  moments.    A  sophisticated   solar  panel  case,  the  X  Station  absorbs  and  stores  energy  from  the  sun  to  charge  the  SOLAR  X.     Utilizing  the  Burst  Speed  Charging  technology,  the  X  Station  is  able  to  charge  the  Solar  X  camera up  to  80%  in  30  minutes  and  to   100%  in  60  minutes.    The   ACTIVEON  Solar  X  provides  a  total   battery  life  of  six  hours.    This   includes  two  hours  of  battery  life   from  the  built-­‐in  battery  and  an   additional  four  hours  of  battery   life  with  a  fully  charged  X  Station.       ACTIVEON  SOLAR  X,  CX  GOLD,  and   CX  action  cameras  include  an  iOS   and  Android  smartphone  app  to   easily  control  the  camera’s   functions,  monitor  live  video,  and  share  content  directly  to  social  media.    When  connected  to   Wi-­‐Fi  the  SOLAR  X  and  CX  Gold  can  automatically  upload  content  to  the  ACTIVEON  Cloud.         The  SOLAR  X  includes  a  two-­‐inch  touchscreen,  built  in  1100mAh  rechargeable  battery,  built-­‐in   Wi-­‐Fi  and  digital  image  stabilization.    The  SOLAR  X  action  camera  captures  4K  video  at  2160p   with  a  16  megapixel  CMOS  video  sensor.  The  SOLAR  X  camera  also  includes  a  seven-­‐element   F/2.4  high  precision  bright  glass  lens  that  provides  four  different  levels  of  field  of  view.      The   SOLAR  X  includes  a  graphical  menu-­‐driven  interface  allows  a  user  to  toggle  between  video  and   photo  modes.  As  a  digital  camera,  the  SOLAR  X  can  shoot  16MP  images  with  a  burst  rate  of  six   frames  per  second.  The  SOLAR  X  also  comes  equipped  with  a  micro  HDMI  output.       When  a  power  outlet  is  available,  the  new  SOLAR  X  4K  camera  has  a  “Burst  Speed  Charge”   function  to  dramatically  reduce  recharging  time.         The  SOLAR  X  is  also  compatible  with  nearly  40  additional  accessories  available  to  enhance   experiences  with  ACTIVEON  cameras,  including  eight  different  mounts;  seven  grips,  selfie  sticks,   and  straps;  diving  glasses;  and  a  Wi-­‐Fi  remote.           The  SOLAR  X  is  expected  to  reach  retail  stories  in  March  2016.

ACTIVEON SOLAR X charging station clouds ACTIVEON SOLAR X white background

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