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AMD A6-3650 APU/Processor


An in-depth look at the AMD A6-3650

To get a better idea behind the architecture of this APU it will need to be dissected a bit for you. ‘Llano’ processors are made on a 32nm node with a chip die-size of 228 mm, which is very comparable to SandyBridge, the APU has roughly 1 Billion transistors.

amd-a6-3600-3 amd-a6-3600-4

It has three primary elements merged into the APU, the Northbridge, the CPU and the GPU. Intel places more focus on raw CPU performance, AMD places more focus on the multi-media experience, thus the GPU.

There is more to be found inside the APU than what I have already mentioned. There is a DDR3 memory controller, Unified Video Decoder core logic, the Northbridge, a PCI Express interface,  and last, but not least a DDI interface to output to digital monitors.


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