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AMD Phenom II x4 975 Black Edition 3.6GHz CPU-Processor

A Closer Look:

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Whenever AMD sends us a new CPU, they like to send it in an anti-static enclosure.


The 975 is a continuation in the Phenom II series and the Deneb core line of processors. The unlocked multiplier makes this an ideal chip for enthusiasts wanting to overclock the crap out of the rig. The sub $200 price tag makes it suitable for a more mainstream audience. AMD has lately become the masters of affordable chips, and is starting to put a hurting on Intel in the mid range chip market. The chip comes clocked at 3.6GHz out of the box, which is nothing to scoff at.


CPU-Z – Stock 3.6GHz

The chip is designed to fit in an AM3 motherboard, but also has backwards compatibility with AM2+ motherboards. Our sources inform us that it will be compatible with the upcoming AM3+ motherboards as well. AMD has really made the upgrade path convenient for the end user. With this model you can slowly upgrade parts over time, when you can afford it. This is a stark contrast to Intel’s history of new processor releases (they’ve practically abandoned the 1366 socket that the original i7’s were on), and needing to buy a new motherboard for every architecture improvement.


The Black Edition chips that AMD puts out are renowned for being able to hit crazy overclocks. If you’re buying a Black Edition chip, you more than likely have overclocking in mind. The prior version of the x4 Black Edition (955)  was able to hit a 7 GHz overclock by using liquid helium. We didn’t push ours quite that far, but we did push it more to the limits that the stock heat sink would allow.

We were able to overclock our chip to 4 GHz by just adjusting the multiplier, and not even needing to adjust voltages. With an aftermarket cooling solution, you could easily get higher speeds than we did.


CPU-Z – 4GHz
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