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AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition



First off, let’s have a look at what SiSoftware’s Sandra benchmark suite has to say:


Surprisingly enough, while the 1100 pulls ahead of the 1090T in the Whetstone FPU test, the Dhrystone ALU test saw it lagging behind just a bit. That said, the difference is minor, and the results are still quite respectable.


Strangely enough, the multimedia integer test lagged well behind the 1090T reference system, despite what should be a nearly identical system. It pulled ahead in the multimedia float test, as expected. We’re uncertain why that one result would be so much lower, but it is consistent across multiple runs.


In what seems an unusual, yet consistent trend, the 1100T suffers in the Multi-Core Efficiency test when compared to the quad-core Phenom II CPU’s. It still pulls ahead of the 1090T, which is to be expected.


In a somewhat surprising turn, the 1100T gains a sizeable lead over the Intel Core i7 950 in the Sandra Cryptography test. Clearly, this is where the 1100T’s beefy vector cores shine.


No surprises here, while the higher clock speed translates to better ALU performance, the faster clock comes at a bit of a power consumption penalty.


While this test is obviously influenced by the RAM used, the 1100T’s memory controller nonetheless puts in a decent showing against that of the i7 965, pushing out a combined bandwidth of 82GB/sec.

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