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Antec P70 Silent, Expandable, Build Friendly

In a Nutshell:

Motherboard Support Standard ATX, Micro ATX, Mini-ITX
PSU Mount Standard ATX
Drive Bays 2 x 5.25 external HDD Bay
4 x internal HDD Bay
1 x 3.5 External
1 x 2.5 Dedicated SSD Mount
Unit Dimensions 18″ Depth by 8.1″” Width by 18.7″” Height
Video Card Maximum 15” (380mm)
Fan Options 2 Top 120mm Exhaust
1 Read 120mm Exhaust
2 Front Optional Intake Fan Mounts
Washable Front Filter
Power Supply Bottom Exhaust Fan Vent
Package Contents tip ties, twist ties, MB raisers, extra hand screws for panels, case manual, rubber drive stabilizers, plastic drive mounts

The biggest boast Antec has for its P70 tower is the trifecta of silent performance, expand-ability, and Build Friendly, though there have been a few rough spots that certain builders will not be so happy with which will be described later.

Silent Performance

Starting off with the silent performance, one of the interesting features P70 comes with is a cover for the top fans to nullify noise from the inside of the computer. Which can be counter productive with a power house system as this restricts about 90% of the airflow Antec_P70_Top_Cap_MeshAntec_P70_Top_Fan_Bayfrom the top and about 40% of the whole system.
There are few areas where sound can escape since the side panels are solid making it very silent, however this is also its flaw in airflow. Also, who doesn’t want to see the beauty of their build from the side? The positive here is one can quickly switch between silence and full performance by removing the top cover from the slide-able mesh.Antec_P70_Top_Mesh_Fan_Bay

Build Recommendation: If planning a water cooling system you are capable of using the top 250 mm by 130 mm fan space to carry the radiator by simply moving the top fans to the front casing and fulfilling maximum airflow and cooling capability to this cases designed capability, without more manual modification of course.


Expandability is quite good for the mid sized tower, capable of housing video cards up to 380mm in length, about 20mm away from some pretty high end towers on the market. Sporting full dimensions of 458mm deep x 205mm wide x 476mm tall.Antec_P70_Internal_View
The rear of the case houses two water cooling grommets, and to top it all off the MB mount rack has a cutout for easy access to back of the CPU, removing the need to remove the full motherboard to reach behind the CPU when expanding into water cooling.
Cable management is as expected with this type of expansive system, the edges are rounded and polished preventing accidental cuts to the builder or the cables. There are plenty of access holes to the back, and with the removable panel cable management becomes a breeze. The motherboard tray is capable of holding standard and micro ATX circuits, as well as Mini-ITX with a PSU mount for standard ATX based power supplies. Finally, the back panel supports 7 expansion bays, and comes with a downfall for this tower which will be explained shortly.

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