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What the Apple guys dont tell you

Author:  Mike Santini
Date:  2008.06.14
Topic:  Audio
Provider:  Apple
Manufacturer:  Apple

What the Apple guys don't tell you

I've used a Mac for the past three years and have definitely had a great time doing so. But in those three years I've come across many things that the Apple guys didn't tell me about in the store. For instance, did you know that Apples crash? Or about the infamous "beach ball of death?" Some of this stuff may be old news and some of it may be new, but these are great things to take into consideration if you are thinking about switching to Mac.

Be quick to part with your old software

While most file types work with OS X (jpeg, mp3, etc.), most Windows applications don't and if they do you usually have to buy them again. If a large bit of the software you use is Windows only, there really is no reason to switch. Yes, you can run Windows on a Mac but that defeats the purpose of getting a Mac. This can be very expensive (consider the cost of just Windows) and leads to the next thing.

It's expensive

Many Mac users say that you are paying extra for better hardware, but that can only go so far. Nowadays, Macs and PC share the same hardware, and it's very easy to see how much extra you are paying. The cheapest Mac will set you back $599 and that doesn't come with a monitor, keyboard, or a mouse - you just get the computer, and it's not a very impressive computer either. You are also most likely going to have to buy new software which at the least will cost you $150 for Microsoft Office (yes they make if for Mac) or $79 if you buy iWork, Apples productivity suite. Compare all this to buying a PC from Dell, for example, with the same specs, and you are paying almost double for an Apple (after you add a keyboard, mouse and monitor).

Real Time Pricing:

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