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The New Computer Purchase Process

Author:  Jason Jacobs
Date:  2007.02.05
Topic:  Other
Provider:  TechWareLabs
Manufacturer:  TechWareLabs

The New Computer Purchase Process


At some point in time most of us have had to purchase a computer. Regardless of whether it was a laptop or a desktop price was a factor in the purchase. Price plays the dominant role in brand selection, component selection, timing of the purchase, and much more. It is our advice ,however, that consumers start to look beyond price and into factors such as:

  1. TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  2. Value
  3. Performance

These are the three most important factors in not only the selection of a computer but also what goes inside. Most consumers choices are ruled by their wallet. We have all seen the customers at Best Buy and run into them in other stores asking for the cheapest selection of whatever type of item they have a need for. It is a fact that consumers will often purchase the cheapest item even when a much better selection may be only a few dollars more or may be cheaper but requires that the consumer be informed enough to make the right decision. We often let advertising and price make the decision for us, which can lead to incurring costs during the ownership of that product down the road.

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