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Size vs Resolution - Does Size Really Matter?

Author:  Dan Shannon
Date:  2008.05.22
Topic:  Other
Provider:  TechwareLabs
Manufacturer:  TechwareLabs

Size vs Resolution - Does Size Really Matter?


In a world with such a vast amount of technology, you have many options when picking out an accessory for your computer. Something that is often overlooked, but is the most used part of your computer is the monitor. Other than your actual CPU, the monitor is the most important part of your PC. Sure you use your mouse and keyboard to manipulate all the functions on the computer. Then you pop out the web cam to record you dancing to your favorite song so you can upload it to YouTube. All the while you are staring at perhaps the Zeus equivalent to computer accessories - your monitor. When picking out a monitor many questions arise including: "How big should it be?", "Is the picture on this one clear"", and "Can I use my TV as a monitor?" We will clear up some of the questions you may have about monitor and television resolution and size of your monitor. Resolution can be defined as: "the degree of sharpness of a computer-generated image as measured by the number of dots per linear inch in a hard-copy printout or the number of pixels across and down on a display screen." (, or in layman's terms how clear or sharp the image on the TV or monitor is. Size is self-explanitory - how big or small it is. Computer monitors are going to provide a sharper image than a TV and televisions are going to allow you to have a larger display for less money.

Computer Monitors

There are many different brands of computer monitors ranging from LG to Samsung to the Wal-Mart brand, all seemingly similar. Why is the LG so much more than the in-store brand? Other than the obvious fact that you are paying for the name and the quality behind it, something else you might want to look at is the monitor resolution. The table below shows that as a monitor gets larger, the resolution becomes greater. This is why when you look at a monitor no matter how big it is, the clarity of the image displayed is more clear than if you were to view it on a television of the same size. Different size monitors have different resolutions available,see the table below to see the average resolutions for the most common size monitors. The maximum resolution that we have ever seen on a monitor is 2560 × 2048. This is not to say that there isn't a monitor out there somewhere that can handle a greater resolution than this, we have simply never had the pleasure of encountering one.

17" and under
1440 × 900
1440 × 900
1680 × 1050
23" and up
1920 × 1200



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