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Arvina by Sentey Inc. Computer case

Closer Look

So let’s take a closer look at the Arvina to see what features it comes with.

Sentey Arvina Front Sentey Arvina Left Side
The front of the Arvina is a full metal mesh, not plastic like some manufacturers. The side of the Arvina does not have a window which seems to be the norm for cases these days, but rather it has a raised vent with graphic.

The Florida sun did make the case appear a little lighter than it looks indoors, but the red paint does grab your attention for sure. The raised vent side is made of plastic and is pretty rugged. The side panel, like most of the case is made of metal.

Sentey Arvina Front Rom Drive doors Sentey Arvina ROM drive doors
The top two 5 1/4″ drive bays are outfitted with spring actuated doors which will conceal your ROM drives from view, so if you happen to have a ROM drive that has a white bezel you are not out of luck. It is quite nice that the case comes with two doors built into the case. Though if you want to install a drive bay accessory to monitor the case, you will need to use the third bay down from the top.

To maintain the red and black theme and also to keep the front of the case uniformed, the Arvina comes with built-in ROM drive access doors to hide the ROM drives from view. Also, the fans have a dust collecting mesh that can be easily removed and washed by hand. There are also dust meshes for the optional fans.

Sentey Arvina inside front fan Sentey Arvina HDD drive bay
Inside the front panel is a large 140mm fan The Arvina is outfitted with a removable HDD cartriges that can be quickly removed by a flip of a latch and also the entire five drive bays can be removed as one unit with a flip of a one latch too to give you access to the back of the 140mm fan.

The inside front panel fan is a 140mm fan which is pretty standard for custom cases and with this large size comes a default quiet operation. Located just behind the 140mm fan are 5 drive bay trays which are removable by the flip of a red tab. These drive trays are pretty nice but with the extra material of the tray we would assume the tray would obstruct the air flow from crossing the bottom the drives. The trays do have holes in them to allow air to flow through, but it still looks like a restrictive design.

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