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Rowkin Bit Stereo Earphones

Harnessing the power of tiny, Rowkin has introduced a device that…

In Win Foresight’s Server Products

Every builder or techie has at some point arrived at a search presenting some very flashy and amazing looking towers, from the automated expansion of the H-Tower to the portable durability of the D and H Frame, these cases are well thought out and many times inspired design from other products such as the Ducati and other flashy vehicles. Frame models cost around 200-500 dollars while the H-Tower runs for a whopping 9,000 or more dollars.

ZyXEL Enters Internet of Things Concept

rom lighting controls to networking solutions ZyXEL begins their product line with a sturdy and fully functional centerpiece, the router/server. ZyXEL's concern was centered over the ability to harmonize a complete system intelligently with a center "brain"...

Edimax Enters Internet of Things – Taitra

Edimax has been known for its networking abilities, from producing home routers to diversifying a corporate headquarters with the full network topology with industrial level routers and hubs. But as we come closer to the future of Edimax we begin to see their vision on how wide they want their hardware to span. Wide enough to potentially cover a full cityscape, and then theory met development. With a few models right now being tested in the city, these wireless devices are capable of spanning out a wireless signal across a large field. Think in the lines any radio frequency method that expands a city like AM and FM,but i speculate a certain frequency range that has both data and integrity dependability.

Taitra Gigabyte Ups the Power for eGaming

So with the rise of eSports Gigabyte enters the media centric gaming route by working with Twitch and specializing their Aorus, as George Carlin an American comedian said clearly "We are a warlike people". Thus, the 'warlike' theme continues as the Aorus boasts a camouflage design that is embeded into the plastic itself and not a paintjob on the outside...

Taitra Thermaltake Headquarters Conference and Tour

Just say Thermaltake and the inner gamer begins to stir up from the deep busy day by day work week. Try and get away from the challenge of exciting and stressing your mind under strategic processes to overcome your opponent. Now try and do so without a proper cooling system, mouse dpi, keyboard swiftness and ergonomics to top off the comfort factor. You couldn't, you simply cannot perform at maximum capacity without the little details... Now try not squealing while walking through the main headquarters of Thermaltake with its own built in League of Legends gaming room. I couldn't, can you?