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Computex 2014 Event Coverage: Asus

No Computex would be complete without the powerhouse of Asia in computing, Asus. One of the most popular brands over seas and of course one of the most popular in the US for laptops, motherboards, and mobile devices, we just had to stop by after the Asus Press Event and see their full line of products. Nick from Asus was kind enough to give us a video interview and show us some of their latest and greatest products for 2014. Stay tuned for reviews of everything you see here as we cant wait to test and review Asus hardware for you.
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Computex 2014 Event Coverage: Patriot

Patriot showed us some of their new products in a private demo in their suite. As you know they have their full line of memory products ranging from Viper DDR3 to their new DDR4 and flash based memory products. New for Computex is their new Fuel iON product line and OTG line. Patriot will of course reveal their DDR4 line and have it ready for consumers in Q3 -4 of this year along with the release of Intel's new CPU's and the X99 chipset. They were unable to show us a working sample in their suite but we have no doubt their will have products ready for you when the time is right.
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Computex 2014 Event Coverage: Final Press Conference

While Computex 2014 saw only small growth (1%) the show still delivered on approximately 25 Billion (with a B) in total business opportunities. The show attained a total of 130,000 visitors with 38, 662 of those being international visitors. Show organizers helped in bringing 1840 procurement meetings to fruition with key buyers including Siemens AG, Hisense, Toshiba, MA Laboratories, and Best Buy. There were over 45 new product announcements at this years show.
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Computex 2014 Event Coverage: Booth Babes Part 2

Because there's no such thing as too many babes. You may apply your screen protectors liberally now. You have been warned. Here we are, bringing you the second part of our Computex 2014 Booth Babes Gallery.
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Computex 2014 Event Coverage: GAMDIAS

We took at look at a number of products and what really made the best impression was their HEPHAESTUS headset. Just putting this on blocked out all sound and was very comfortable to wear. The series of test sound tracks we listened to were impressive, and most impressive was its surround sound and blast source vibration identifier. We also liked their ZEUS mice and HERMES mechanical keyboards. Stay tuned for a full review of these products on our website.
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Event Coverage Computex 2014: Booth Babes Part 1

No tech show is complete without eye candy and for us the hot babes are almost as attractive as some of the hot tech. Enjoy our part 1 gallery of the beautiful booth babes from Computex 2014.
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