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Patriot’s Launches the First 128GB Magnum USB Flash Drive

Patriot’s Launches the Only 128GB Magnum USB Flash Drive on…

Patriot Adds Futuremark® Bundles to Viper II Tri-Channel Memory Kits

Patriot Adds Futuremark® Bundles to Viper II Tri-Channel Memory Kits.…

AMD Phenom 9950 X4 Quad-Core Processor

AMDs release on July 1st 2008 included the introduction to three new quad core processors. One of which is the 9950, which was released to fix the TLB erratum problems on the 9900. The other two released were products new to the market, the 9150e and the 9350e

AMD Phenom 8750 X3 Triple-Core Processor

Before we dive into benchmarks we need to discuss the focus for triple core and the market this product is aimed at. Both AMD and Intel have dual core CPU's, each also has quad core CPU's and each targets both the budget and high end markets. AMD officially now has the only triple core CPU on the market filling a very unique and interesting need that will appeal to many of you that may have not even realized the need for such a product.

Razer Barracuda: HP-1 Gaming Headset

In the realm of gaming headsets and audio there are many competitors with a few serious options. Razer released to the market the Barracuda headset with some excellent specifications. Razer is famous for their lineup of super high end gaming mice and the Barracuda is a natural extension of their gaming focus. Nitro checks out the Barracuda for comfort, specifications, and performance and has a full report for you.

Razer Destructor

Michael "Nitro" Lynch, our resident gamer extreme takes a look at the new high end gaming mouse pad from Razer, the Destructor. This mouse surface is designed to give you an extra edge in games while providing a large and easy surface for your mouse in all applications. If you need accuracy (and who doesn't) then this is the surface you need to take a look at.