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Azpen A848 Projector Tablet

Azpen A848 Projector Tablet Benchmarks


Azpen A848 Projector Tablet Benchmarks

All benchmarks were run on battery power disconnected from AC. This means the results are more indicative of performance you will have on the go. Some tablets and chips enter a powered down lower speed and performance when on battery power. Most users will not have the AC adapter connected during use. A business user may indeed have the AC adapter connected during a meeting as such you can expect slightly higher performance.

We utilized several benchmarks and testing utilities as shown below. There were discrepancies between AIDA64 and CPU-Z identifying the CPU and frequency. According to both tests the frequency varies between 126MHz and 1.42/1.46GHz and not the full 1.8GHz as listed in the specs. This could be due to the prototype nature of the device we tested. As such you should expect the retail version will perform as good or better than below.

 Screenshot_2017-06-29_094015  Screenshot_2017-06-29_094008
 Screenshot_2017-06-29_094100  Screenshot_2017-06-29_094039
 Screenshot_2017-06-29_121212  Screenshot_2017-06-29_121615
 Screenshot_2017-06-29_121624  Screenshot_2017-06-29_125600
 Screenshot_2017-06-29_125609  Screenshot_2017-06-29_121619
 Screenshot_2017-06-29_125643  Screenshot_2017-06-29_130555
 Screenshot_2017-06-29_130609  Screenshot_2017-06-29_130614
 Screenshot_2017-06-29_133406  Screenshot_2017-06-29_135752
 Screenshot_2017-06-29_135757  Screenshot_2017-06-29_135216

These benchmarks show that the A848 is a capable performer even when multitasking. The SSD access is particularly good and the A848 worked excellent with almost no lag switching between applications, starting applications, and during gaming.

What these benchmarks also show is that this tablet is not designed for heavy 3D work. It will function, and better than an Intel powered device for 3D but dont expect to great performance in 3D gaming or applications. Given the inclusion of the ARM MAli-T624 at 600 MHz, dedicated 2D processor, 1080P H.264, VP8, MVC encoding, 4K H.264 and 10 Bits H.265 decoding, 1080p multi video decode, the A848 is perfectly suited to video playback as well as audio and running non-4K video.

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