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Hands on with the Lenovo Yoga Book

In Juanuary 2008 Apple announced the original Macbook Air and within months everyone wanted one just to be seen with it. It was as much a computing device as it was a fashion statement. There have been a few devices of this kind over the years, devices you wanted to be seen with. The new Lenovo Yoga Book is such a device, it begs to be picked up, and you want it to be looked at. The Yoga Book brings innovation to tablets and 2 in 1's as well as an impressive feature list, and it does it all with style.
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Nextbook Flexx 10 Review

Every now and then I am surprised by a products offers, almost always in relation to its price. The emotion is usually shock and bad, but sometimes its a good surprise. The Nextbook Flexx 10 I am happy to say is a great offering and the pricetag is a welcome surprise. This little 2 in 1 laptop and tablet has a lot to offer especially given its sub $100 price tag. It's perfect for the home user or professional on the go that wants a simple to use tablet and laptop running the latest OS with support for full applications in a small portable form factor.
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Dell XPS 13 Review

As technology innovations go, battery life tries to grow without affecting the size of the laptop/notebook. Dell took the idea of an 11' ultrabook to the next level & thinned the fat off the new Dell XPS 13. This bad-boy has the frame of an 11 inch ultrabook with a screen resolution of a 13 inch.

Asus C200 Chromebook Review

Asus is one of the best known computer hardware companies in the world. The Taiwanese company continuously strives to bring out the some of best products available to a wide variety of consumers. Asus continues to add to the legacy by delivering the Asus C200 Chromebook. The lightweight, ultra durable C200 is a perfect mix between performance and battery life by utilizing Intel’s new Bay Trail chipset.
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ASUS ROG G750 Gaming Laptop

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the ROG G750JW laptop from Asus. As the latest entry in their gaming laptop series, this machine seems poised to fill that need for high speed in a small form factor. Let's see what $1400 will get you in terms of portable gaming performance.
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ASUS G75VW-DH72 Gaming Notebook Review

The ASUS G75VW-DH72, part of their Republic of Gamers line of notebooks, is a big, beastly machine promising to deliver big beastly performance. While a $1,999 MSRP isn't the most expensive I've seen in terms of gaming laptops, it's definitely in the upper reaches. The question is, does this machine deliver what it promises? Let's run it through its paces and find out.
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