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CES 2009 Coverage


nVidia Ion PC - Dual Core Intel Atom - Just Announced - CES 2009 - TechwareLabs

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Fatal1ty Interview - CES 2009 - TechwareLabs

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Gibson Dark Fire - TechwareLabs

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Nedw Telemetria Dashtop - in car PC

A relatively new company, Telemetria Dashtop introduces a prototype of what we can expect to have in all of our cars in the near future, a full in car computer. Along with everything that you would expect, such as navigation, XM Satellite Radio and bluetooth, the unit can actually use a regular aircard and turn your vehicle into a wifi hotspot.

In a time of economis decline, this company expects this unit to sell for roughly $1000.00 USD. In our personal opinion, a bit high considering other comprable devices, but you never know, it could be the next big thing.

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G4: Attack of the Show

Everyday at 3pm Vegas time, G4 broadcasted Attack of the Show live from the Showroom floor. Dedicated to showing thier viewers the latest in computer electronics, Kevin and Olivia showed a few products that were being displayed at this years CES.

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Windows Surface @ NBC Universal Booth

While visiting the NBC Universal booth, we obtained a free 2GB MicroSD card that was used with the Microsoft Surface. When you took the MicroSD card and placed it on the table, it told you that you could go to any kiosk and download episodes of popular NBC shows.

Along with Microsoft Surface interacting with the MircoSD card, there were several applications preloaded on the machine for us to try. The applications included with a video player, a news headliner, and a music DJ application.

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What Happens in Vegas. . . Gets Stolen?

See the picture below:

Do you know what this is? To the untrained eye you see a battery charger for a Canon Digital camera, an expensive camera I might add. But the trained eye sees the lone survivor of a Canon G9 stolen within 2 minutes of being put down at the Silverstone Booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center. We can tell you that the charger is horribly sad and feels lost without the battery he so looked forward to charging. So sad indeed that he may soon feel it necessary to chuck himself into the nearest trash can and wait for a gruesome landfill death.

Now we at TechwareLabs are all about forgiveness and we would ideally love to buy a steak dinner for the kind individual who "finds" our Canon G9 or even the 8GB Blue Class 6 ATP memory card with our precious photos on it. We have given our information to the security at the lost and found at the LVCC South Hall bottom floor who knows how to reach us. If you are the lucky winner of the steak dinner you can call us at 407-808-4354.

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Novint Falcon

Novint was part of the CES Unveiled on this past week and Friday Kali, Chris and I were able to stop by their both at the LVCC to get sometime with their featured controller called the Falcon. The controller is one the catches your eye as being a little strange looking, but as with all controllers in this category, some awesome experiences come out of using it. While Chris was using the pistol grip and running through Half-Life2, Kali was using the Novint Grip to interact with the virtual material displayed on the laptop screen. For example as Kali held the Novint controller in her fingers, a virtual hand was displayed on the screen and a ball of different material was shown on the screen in first demo was a ball of molasses. Kali would push forward and the hand would submerge into the molasses and the falcon would give a very calculated force feed back as the virtual hand moved through the virtual material till it came out the other side. Other virtual material was a ball of ice which the virtual hand would slip off and could not push through to a rubber ball which would give a little but not allow the virtual hand to push through but more than likely slide off. Comments from Chris’ experience included “using this controller is very addictive.” And “I don’t want to go back to my mouse now!”

We are looking forward to getting our hands on one of these to review in the near future, so stay tuned to TWL for the latest on this and other products!

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LG HD Wireless and Wrist Cell Phone

LG Electronics announced several new technologies they will be integrating into their product line this coming year at their press conference. These include the use of a 60 gigahertz radio to transmit uncompressed 1080-line-progressive HD video throughout the house and new TruMotion 240Hz technology which is to eliminate motion blurring during moments of fast moving action. Other products are three broadband-enabled HDTVs for this year which will deliver streaming content from Netflix and YouTube. The last product the product announced was LG Electronics new wrist cell phone.
We are looking forward to reviewing these products and technologies this coming year so stay tuned to TWL this year to see these and other exciting products from LG Electronics!

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Cooler Master Kicks into High Gear at CES 2009

Cooler Master has perhaps some of the best upcoming products for consumers in 2009 and welcomed TWL to check out their new line of Sniper and HAF cases. We were toally blown away by the features and looks. Black is very cool and we just love the line of Black Edition cases.

We can tell you that Cooler Master has some super secret cases in the works that will absolutely thrill the gaming crowd and addresses security concerns in multiple ways.

We can't wait for the new generation of products to make it to the shelves plus stay tuned to TWL for our first exclusive shots of their new systems.

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Water Cooled Gaming Shuttle Boxes

We had the opportunity to spend some time with Shuttle on the CES show floor today where we saw some of their new SFF (Small Form Factor) boxes. Those of you familiar with Shuttle know that they practically invented the SFF rigs. Soon they will be releasing Shuttle boxes with core i7 support as well as custom boxes with watercooling for both the CPU and video card. We are not talking about wimpy video either as Shuttle was showing off Geforce 295 equipped machines that managed to keep those beasts cool and maintain a relatively quiet environment.

Shuttle also showed us some really cool SFF boxes equipped with touchscreen LCD's in the front which had the ability to control home appliances. The box, meant for home automation as well as primarily targeted towards home security was capable of receiving feeds from multiple cameras and recording the video.

Stay tuned to TWL for the upcoming reviews of these boxes.

Posted by Jason at 12:04 am - (0) Comments


SimCraft - Automotive Simulations


Simcraft delivers a unique driving experience that will give you the feeling that you are actually driving an actual car. Offering three different models of simulation vehicles there are models for the game enthusiast and even professional NASCAR drivers. Each model features various degrees of motion turning, motion actuators and knuckles for quick response, and much more. To find out more details and even pricing, please check out Simcraft's web site at So to test out the simcraft simulator we put our Managing Editor Daniel Shannon in the driver seat to give this puppy a spin.

It turns out that the SimCraft simulator was astonishingly realistic. Even driving the car directly into a wall will cause a quick abrupt stop that will give you the feeling that you just hit something.

Posted by Nitro at 5:29 pm - (3) Comments


Powermat - wireless charging for all your devices

Today we were walking along and came across something interesting. They cll it the Powermat. With this device, you can throw away all of those bulky chargers that only fit one thing and place your device on a universal mat. There are models that are capable of charging your laptop computer as well as your phone, ipod, psp, digital camera, and any other thing that you can imagine. The future of this product looks bright. They are currently working on incorporating the Powermat into everything from computer desks to the kitchen. Since this technology doesn’t have a direct electric transfer, and rather uses some form of energy transfer, this technology is waterproof. Stay tuned to for our upcoming review of the complete Powermat Line-up.

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Psyko Audio Labs - New 5.1 Headphones

Psyko Audio Labs is a relatively new company that specializes in one and only one thing – headphones. For now, their 5.1 stereo headsets are the foundation of the company, and while I don’t like to put all of my eggs in one basket, they chose the right basket for their egg. Offering true 5.1-a-like sound quality, these headphones are something that you must hear to believe. For now, these headphones MSRP around $300, and while we would like to see the price a little lower, given the current economy, you really get what you pay for. With that said, these headphones truly deliver audio for the cold hearted killer. For more information on this product, check out: Also, stay tuned to for the upcoming review of the Psyko series headphones.

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Walk-through of Digital Experience

This is the video of Jason touring Digital Experience
Part 1

Part 2

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