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01-06-2002, 03:10 PM
Ok...i've been tryin to get a laptop for the longest but no interest so this is my last shot:
Here is my AthlonXP system for trade:

Athlon 1600XP w/Thermalright SK6
512MB PC150 Kingmax
Toshiba 16xDVD
40gig Maxtor ATA100
SB Live Platinum 5.1 w/Live Drive2 and remote
Leadtek Geforce 2MX

This is what I have minus the case, figure around $400 in hardware......maybe more and I have $400 cash. I will throw in an extra 40x cdrom and a new Microsoft USB Internet Keyboard.

I'm looking to trade for a notebook with these specs:

P3 700 or AMD 700
128MB Ram
15gig Harddrive
8-16MB Video, prefer 16, 3d either ATI Rage, Mobility Radeon Preferred
14.1 TFT Display

No NIC, CASE, OR OS required!

Please, no offers of buying, only interested in trading. Really need a laptop with close to these specs.

Email: harddrive41@hotmail.com or harddrive41@adelphia.net

Of course since this is a big deal, I will ship first but not to newbie traders, and everything is guarenteed to not be DOA. I am negotiable...

Heatware: FnG41
Arstechnica: harddrive41
e*ay: spidermps

01-06-2002, 03:27 PM
why dont u just sell the system then find a laptop elsewhere? would make more sence too me SPAM???