View Full Version : older computers for sale-

03-26-2002, 12:41 AM
i have 3 older computer for sale i dont know much about them, but here are the details i do know one has a really big case probably a server or something has 640meg hd, floppy drive and hewlett packard tape drive almost looks new(?) SPAMI have an old ibm 133mhz ish(?) not sure with 500 some meg hd with windows 95b on it and it runs fine. SPAM2x 14inch monitors work well just old full color on both and an amd 333mhz cpu and mother board. I also have two at style cases with good power supplies one is very large with 300w and other has 230w. SPAMI have a maxtor ata 100 10gig hd which is fairly new less than a yr old and an old bigfoot 8gig too. SPAMany questions or offers will be returned-can email you pics if interested also Thanks all- Ryan audioman81@yahoo.com