View Full Version : Make Programs in Start Menu cascade

07-03-2001, 06:08 PM
Using Win98 the Programs in the Start Menu can be made to cascade like Win95. SPAMNow you won't have to move to the little arrow at the bottom of the box to see all your Programs.
1. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\

2. Right-click an open area in the right pane and select New > String Value
3. Name it StartMenuScrollPrograms
4. Double-click this entry and add the value false
5. Exit registry and reboot.
If you wish to change it back, simply rename the value of StartMenuScrollPrograms from false to true SPAM;D

07-03-2001, 11:06 PM
This has been a very odd week for me. SPAMEspecially now that I just saw this post. SPAMFor the past two weeks I have seen this tip from magazines, books, posts, etc. about 8 different times. SPAMHhmm...how odd. Multiple deja vues I guess? LOL

07-04-2001, 09:14 PM
Yeah! It has been around for a while but it's a great tweak. :P