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12-20-2001, 06:26 AM
Okay, as I try to wrestle with this bout of insomnia, I would like to pose a question to the database admins and NT gurus. SPAMI am working on a project right now. SPAMIt is a database program that sits on a NT server. SPAMThis database is implemented through MS Access (don't ask me why the developer decided to go this route). SPAMAn application sits on the end user's computer and accesses this database...giving information regarding campus life and other interesting tidbits about the school and campus. SPAMUpon launching the application, it looks to the database on the server and makes the necessary updates to the local database on the comp. SPAMThat's all fine and dandy...

My problem is that the program will be able to update the local database from the one located on the server. SPAMHowever, after a couple of moments it would give me some error about how the "Database or Object is read-only" and then the program crashes. SPAMI was able to make the program work and I have traced this to the fact that the user has to be in the same domain that the server sits. SPAMAlso, the end user has to be authenticated on the server as having admin rights. SPAMSo, basically, in order to make this thing work, I have to map the drive to the server and login as someone having admin rights when the server asks me. SPAMIf I don't the program starts but gives me that error message and then crashes.

Is there a way of getting anonymous logins in NT with some kind of restricted admin rights? SPAMI'm guessing that the solution to this problem would be to install the database onto a Win 98 machine since the only permissions there are either all or nothing. SPAMHowever, I would like to check out if it is possible to do this on a NT system. SPAMI know this is the MAIN reason why NT is the way it is. SPAMThere is no such thing as an anonymous user. SPAMYou always have to tell NT who you are, right?

Well, I do appreciate if you've made it this far and would greatly appreciate any input anyone might have.

12-23-2001, 06:41 PM
I'm not sure exactly what you mean, and I'm pretty sure that this isn't your entire question, but I think you can enable the "Guest" account in NT (well, 2k at least). SPAMI'm not 100% sure if by enabling the guest account it will let anyone log on with whatever their username is, but as a guest. SPAMThe other thing that I wish 2k and XP had was custom user levels. SPAMI haven't been able to find any way to do that, or make a custom group.

Overall, it sounds like a really complicated question, that I almost assuredly don't have the answer to. SPAMI did read the whole thing though, if that's worth anything ;).

12-28-2001, 04:32 PM
Thanks for the input Omega! SPAMI also appreciate you reading through all of my gibberish. SPAMYeah, I do wish NT and 2K did come with some form of a custom type of user setting. SPAMWell, we did activate the Guest account on the server. SPAMWe actually thought that might solve our problems during the first round of troubleshooting we did. SPAMNo such luck there. SPAM:( SPAMI'm still trying to figure this out and hopefully we'll have a solution before next quarter starts. SPAMThanks again for the input!