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Grinnin Reaper
03-16-2002, 02:57 PM
Here is something to ponder and if you have heard of this please let me know so I don't go crazy (or crazier).

I was once told that installing IE 5.0 or greater on a Win 95 box forced IE 5.0 to upgrade your kernal to 98. SPAMIt kept all of the looks of 95 but ran more like 98. SPAMSomething to do with IE 5 or greater had to do a lot of changes to run in a Windows OS. Any one ever here of this.

Now point two which made me remember. SPAMAt work I have a laptop with Win 98 SE. SPAMWhile installing Office XP it forced many changes to my OS none of which I can be sure of what it's done. SPAMSound like another round of rumors and cocpiracy theories but I would like to know what it did. SPAMDid I get a free install of an XP kernal on a 98 box or did I get some ME bugs with the free update?

03-16-2002, 03:18 PM
Actually IE 4.0+ slightly changed Win95 looked, but not ran (tool bar icons, smoth fonts). It sure did some upgrade for certain Win95 components, but not for kernel. not likely. (it was free, remember ;)

About Office XP, I haven't noticed of any visible changes in W98se ???, but sure it changed things, like Office2k upgraded IE,W98 installer, ...

Have you noticed, that every new Office pack upgrades IE for newer version. What's for ??? I don't like it. I switch to Opera ;)


03-17-2002, 12:48 AM
i dont think that what you heard is based on any fact. To change the kernel of an operating system, you can not be running it and office doesn't install in pure dos. what offic adds are components which allow it to db its stuff more readily. no OS changes except in db'ing type or similar stuff. wont affect many other program used.