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12-13-2001, 10:02 AM
Before I start this I must say that if you are offended by adult content or its illegal for you to see it DO NOT click on the links below....please....also admin due to the controversial nature of the links posted here feel free to remove them if you think they dont belng here, but please leave the post as Im making a point

I have been an internet user for over 5 years now and as such have seen the rise of so called warez sites.
Now anyone who has spent more than about 5 minues on any of the popular sites will have relised that the most popular of these sites all belong to a network, which works like this.

a) Lure surfers to site with promise of free appz and gamez
b) Make surfers click through dozens of links to pr0n affiliate programs to get to said warez.
c) When users have finished clicking tell them they did something wrong and need to do it again.

Now its still amazes me that people who want free software go back to sites like this (www.warez.com) time and time again on the hope that this time it will work.

Many of the more tech savy people out there will have relised that for a REAL warez site to work it needs to be VERY underground otherwise it will be kicked from its host (seriously...read the fine print in your hosting contact) or will be sued by someone (probably Microsoft).

Many people will be aware of the existance of FTP's that provide access to their collection or software in return for you uploading stuff.
Usually it works on a ratio such as upload 1meg..you can d/l 3meg

But these are hard to find unless you go to a site like www.ftpcrawler.net.

Which brings me to the whole point of this rant....I want to know what your point of view on this controversial subject is.

We all know that it is legally wrong (and possibly morally too..) but does that eally stop people from doing it?

I will admit that I have used in the past, and may or may not currently use afew pirated products, and I want to know what yu all think of the whole idea of warez?

Should make for an interesting thread.


12-13-2001, 04:14 PM
I personaly dont like to pay for software...expecialy if it is a $1000+ program that i really want to learn. Most of the time u can find what u need in IRC ...coourse that is difficult to nagivate expecily if you are a noobie or u just dont get it...

now any one can use clients such as direct connect and get anything they could ever want. of course this carry with it the chances (remote but still there) since it is very illigal.

morraly..it is stealing away from these hard working software companies who have invested perhaps millions of $s and years of development into a product. some times its like stealing a book and with some its like stealing a car. its quite a mix of right and wrong but we do it anyways

12-13-2001, 04:18 PM
i think the best solution is: if you like it or stay using it, buy it ;)

12-13-2001, 04:23 PM
this is true. man, if all the people that have photoshop actualy paied for it..adobe would have twice as much money SPAM:o

12-13-2001, 05:24 PM
For me progs and apps I use daily I pay for but for stuff
I just use once in a while, well they are still on trial basis
and I simply can't afford buing them.
I bought games I like and use and the OS I use.
For my old 8088s and 286es I consider it abandonware.
Windows Commander I paid for cause it is great and I use it
every day it is a popular program and there is cracks
available just a week after a new version release !!!
but for 25 bucks one get it forever cause the key one gets
works with all new versions, luckily crackers havn't figured that one out yet.
So I "steal" some apps which I seldom use so on with the..

12-15-2001, 10:08 AM
Since the CDRW revolution warez don't seem so bad. I have had ok I cant count that high some odd people show up here wanting to me install this and that that their friend burned for them etc. If I was still hobby'n outa my home office. No questions asked, but in a place of biz? Get that crap outa here.

I typically buy my software but I am a trialware guy first to ensure it's gonna be worth it.

And to be absolutely honest well I have some CD's layin around too ;-) and I have been know to install a one license CD on oh several 10's of PC's SPAM8)

8088's huh? 286's? Die hard or what Bear? SPAM::) I finally chuck my 7.5Mhz paperweight typewriter out. Kept trippin over it.

12-15-2001, 04:51 PM
Die hard ? well yes I guess so, the 8088s and the 286es
are more for historical puposes but I'm posting this with
a 486, it all depends for what one uses the puter to me
it is to much of a hype with more mhz and new OSes
I upgrade more seldom but when I do it is a real leap
and really fun it is like with kids if you're with them all
the time it is hard to see how much they grown but if
you havn´t seen 'm for a year or two, wow something
really happened.
A overclocked p-II450@600 and good graphics is steady
and stands tall for some more time I think SPAM;D
Take a look at the forums @http://w1.494.telia.com/~u49403692/forum.html
and you'll find a whole lot of die hards and people that
simply cannot afford to upgrade or buy a new puter.
Many people just use a wordprocessor, surf and send e-mails
one doesn't need much of machine to do that.
I love tinkering with puters and it doesn't matter how old or new, one actually learn a lot of the basics tinkering with old
stuff, all new stuff has its roots there there is still only
15 IRQs for instance.

12-23-2001, 09:57 PM
I think it's a fact that warez (or the concept, applied to whatever else) will always exist. SPAMWarez isn't at all hard to get, especially with the wide-spread popularity of p2p programs and Hotline, and such. SPAMOf course it's morally and legally wrong, but that doesn't stop the millions of people who still use it. SPAMI think a lot of it is that they don't really view it as stealing, because it's just some program, not something like a couch, or a TV (tangable). SPAMIt's more like looking at a web page than it is like breaking into a store and taking a microwave to them, IMO.

Unfortuantely, the fact is that almost no one is prosecuted for having illegal software. SPAMThe big corporations don't have the time or money to spend chasing down 13-year-old kids downloading their software. SPAMThey try to go after people leaking it from their company, or other big companies with illegal software. SPAMThe day there's no more internet, will be the day warez declines.

12-24-2001, 05:30 AM
As with any new discovery or invention, it can be
used for good or evil, better or worse.