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12-16-2002, 08:16 PM
Hi all

Still trying to set my client up for remote admin - groan.

I tried secure vnc and wasn't getting a connect. Talked to the client - turns out they have pcanywhere 9.2

licenses so I thought I'd give that a try.

I've installed pca 9.21 on the server and used the reg hack at


to change the ports to 5600 tcp and 5601 udp. I've checked the TCPIPPortCompatibility which is set to 0.

So it should only be using those registered ports.

I've then done the port change on my client to use 5500 and 5501

My target server is on The firewall/cable router is a snapgear lite. I've set up a port

forward on it: 5500 to 5600 and 5501 to 5601

I get a time out when trying to connect.

I've tried to telnet into 5500 and get a 'failed to connect'

I've run the portscanner from famatech (the radmin people) on the router and it tells me that no ports are

open which is very unlikely cause its a working dsl connection and I can hit into the web interface. Then I tried another scanner - superscan 3.0 and it only showed the webadmin port of the router open.

I've checked the stuff from earlier posts on this topic, namely

1. the port forwards are there (but I don't know if they're working
2. the server does have the router set as its gateway
3. there's no filtering on those ports in fact I've specifically set an allow rule just in case.

I also set up a product Windows Access Server http://download.com.com/3000-2155-10165804.html?tag=lst-2-7

on one of the other servers - (after backups of course) which is meant to do ssh connections and setup a

forward from 23 on the router to 23 on that box. No joy with that either so it's starting to look like the

forwards aren't working.

Can anyone tell me how to simply check if the incoming port forwards are working? Any other suggestions?

I've got a firmware update for the router so I'm going onsite tonight. I would love some way of remoting

in from inside their network, ie. forcing the session to go out then in. Either with PCanywhere or any

other free tool.