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01-19-2003, 04:31 AM
Could anyone explain ipconfig /renew in detail, I would be grateful for any help

Thank you for any help

01-19-2003, 06:05 AM
If you have a network or internet connection that gives out IP's dynamically to your computer then ipconfig /renew is a way to request an IP address.

heres a common example:

You have AT&T broadband but for some reason nothing's working. You have all the cables in and lights are on and what not, where they should be. Still can't go out on the internet. Whats wrong? See if you have an IP address "ipconfig". If you get a lot of sets of zeros then you'll want to renew your IP address using "ipconfig /renew". To see if you got a new address do "ipconfig" once more, it should have given you a new set of numbers.

If you're not sure where you type "ipconfig" here's what you do:

or what I normally use:
winflag+r>cmd>ipconfig /all

Unnecessary details but things to learn about:

If you have to obtain ip addresses this way you are using a protocol called "DHCP" which stands for dynamic host configuration protocol. This is a commonly used protocol for most home networks, and makes it simple to use the network without any knowledge of IP. Basically to the end user its just "plug-n-play".

Hope that helps, i'm kind of rambling tonight, good luck with everything! 8)

edit: Also this thread is really cool for people new to computer networking, thanks to the guys @ [H]ardOCP forums: