View Full Version : TDK 52 - 24 - 48 BURNER "BLACK" FOR SALE! USED 4 T

01-28-2003, 02:43 PM
Have a TDK 52x burner for sale. Custom painted black! You can see it in my rig under the link below. I used it only 4 times to burn disks! The reason I am selling it is I bought a yamaha F1 burner with disk@2 so I can tatoo my disks hehe. The TDK is a darn fast drive, fastest I have used! It is noticable faster the the 44x f1 drive I have now, around 35+ seconds faster to disk completion. Comes in original box with original paperwork. Asking $80.00 for it + $4 shipping via priority mail. Drive is guarneteed not to be doa or damaged in any way shape or form other than a tiny dot in the paint on the upper left corner "on the corner and not visable"