View Full Version : Game Server Not Visible

02-06-2003, 03:05 PM
Have a DI-704 router and two computers behind a fire wall. Used port forwarding to punch a hole so that I can host games (Red Faction and SOF2). The problem is I can not see the server on my other machine. I can see it if I VPN to work and then start the game of choice. What I am doing there is going back out to the internet through work's internet connection.

Any ideas.


02-11-2003, 10:49 AM
:) In case anyone has the same problem. I installed a hub between my dsl modem and my router. The dsl modem was hooked into the hub's uplink port and the router's WAN port was plugged into a port on the hub (I left the port next to the uplink port open). All the computers I wanted behind the firewall were hooked into the router. The game server was then hooked directly into the hub. I then ran RF as a dedicated server. I then ran RF from my computer. My server did not initially show up. However, I ran winipcfg on the server, got the ip address and added to the computer that I wanted to play on. I also used port 7755 because that is the port RF wants. As soon as I did that, my server showed up. It was great having a ping of 20 when I am normally in the low to mid 100's.

Hope this helps someone else.