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02-17-2003, 01:31 AM
I've got some old stuff thats sitting around collecting dust that hopefully someone will want to take off my hands so I can put the money towards buying a new computer :)

Heres what I got

AMD Athlon 900Mhz Socket A processor A0900AMT3B AFGA0103SPCW - never unlocked or overclocked, i've been holding on to it as a backup chip but I need money so Im letting it go. Comes with a Globalwin HSF unit. These are going for $30 on ebay, so I'll let this one go here for $20 + shipping obo

300W P4 Ready Power supply - When my motherboard started acting up, I originally thought it was the Power supply, so I went out and bought this thing for $30, hooked it up and it didnt solve the problem, so its been sitting in it's box ever since. $15 + shipping obo

Scientific Atlanta DPX110 Cable Modem - Perfect working order, I just don't need it anymore as I have DSL now. Has USB and Ethernet ports in the back, and you can plug the usb cable right into a PS2 instead of splurging on the broadband adaptor (which is the only thing I miss about having cable). $50 obo

Phillips DSX5353R DSS Reciever + HU Card - Card is clean, gets the preview channels, and the reciever works great. I can't find the remote for this, I think my daughter ate it. Not advocating piracy here but these HU cards sell for like $80 on ebay - all you need is a $50 card re-writer and a dish and you can have Free tv for at least another 18 months or so until the HU cards get phased out. I'll sell them as a package for $110 + shipping or separate, $75 for the card and $45 for the reciever (+ shipping of course). The reciever has svideo and rca ouputs on the back, as well as coaxial.

Battlefield 1942 - $15 bux + shipping and it's yours, I don't play it anymore, and I need money now more than I need to hold onto the game. Comes in the small box with the manuals and the 2 cds in their case. CDs are in excellent condition.

I also have 2 network cards, no drivers or box or anything but they're both 10/100, i'll sell them both for $20 obo

Oh, and I also have 2 motorola cable converter boxes, model DCT2224 if anyone wants em. I don't know what they're worth so make an offer.

05-03-2003, 10:13 PM
What is the full model number for the cable boxes?
It will be on a label on the bottom.

It will be something like DCT 2224/1161/ACDEGK

08-24-2003, 12:18 PM
How much would ya ship JUST that DSX5353R dss receiver? Dont need card or anything.