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07-12-2003, 10:50 PM

This topic may be for you an interesting one, as it is for me...
Maybe it is an old topic for you or maybe a new one
Personally I LOVE to discuss this topic, Its actually my favorite one...
I also love to read others opinions, but except opinions like: "Win XP Rules!"... I hate those, I like the big and interesting ones...
If you have a good opinion and want to share it with me please do so...
You can contact me by this site, my my email, or my Messenger (MSN/Windows)

To tell you the truth I'm a "Newbie" in this site, first day for me today! :birthday:

But until now Im liking it actually!
The OS articles are the most interesting in my humble opinion...

I am actually more familiar to a site called www.betanews.com and I wrote an article there if you are interested about my opinions of Microsoft and their OS... Its in the section of Longhorn Beta and I discuss about the new OS as I talk S*it and good things about Microsoft...
Its pretty big, I actually enjoy typing, (you might have noticed my now...)

http://www.betanews.com/article.php3?sid=1037713413: is the address

My article is called "Another Windows..."

To tell the truth I am still in BIG confusion about which one to choose...
I have formated my HD a million times (literally!) to try them and see which one I most like...

I still dont know which one is the "Best" OS between them, by know of all the opinions, 2K wins in the battle.

This is why I love to read opinions, They help me choose which one to use...

I can dual boot but I dont feel like it and I think is too much job, I want a single OS in my computer...

Important: I am NOT a Gamer!!!

I dont like to play games so thats why by know 2000 is my favorite

I have heard some crappy s*it about XP... really bad stuff
Well, I think this is enough, please contact me if youre interested in this topic, or if you simply want to give your humble opinions...

You can write directly to this site or to my hotmail...
(Messenger is a good choice too...)

Thanks for the attetion


07-13-2003, 01:57 AM
You obviously have a lot of experience with these 2 OS's. Can I ask you a question?

I currently dual boot between Windows XP Home and Windows 2000 but so far, I've never tried Windows XP Professional.

If you had to make a comparison, how would you rate XP Professional compared to the other two? Would you say it's more like Win2k or more like XP Home?

07-13-2003, 02:23 AM
i think both XP Pro and 2k Pro serve their purposes well

at Rockwell Software, we make software for both OS'es
because they are the current industrial's standards

Home is really what its meant for... Home users

both XP Pro and 2k pro have their problems
but both are good as long as NTFS is used

no major problems for me at all when i used 2k
but now with some new nforce2 hardwares, im getting some problems with winxp pro
but i think its all hardware rooted problems

btw, welcome to TWL
we have a few good authors, editors here also
i myself have two articles posted on slashdot.org

07-13-2003, 11:17 AM
If you had to make a comparison, how would you rate XP Professional compared to the other two? Would you say it's more like Win2k or more like XP Home?
JohnE: I would give it 4 stars out of 5. The only thing that I think Microsoft made a mistake with XP Pro is that it shouldnt have the "fisher price" look like Home has...

I read in winsupersite.com that Microsoft had thought about making different GUI's for both Home and Pro but unfortunately they decided to give Pro the Home look...

For me I like the media stuff that comes with XP (besides Movie Maker that is a total joke!) because I personally like to listen to Music/MP3, Burn CD's, make CD Labels for my CD's, etc...

So that is the only thing that wants me to stay with XP besides 2K... I personally love 2K for it simplicity (and by that I refer to that it is not as heavy as XP is) and for its stability, and its speed... Most say that 2K is slow in boot times but in my experience it is 3 seconds slower that XP Pro. 2K was made for business so its security is outstanding compared to XP's. XP Pro was for Microsoft also made for business but I think that 2K is more complete than XP Pro in the busines side...
By the Way, Who of the company's/business ppl wants to have the nice look on their OS? They dont care about that, they want it to be fast, secure, and reliable, thats why most companys still use 2K... They dont need the extra media stuff either...

As for your question JohnE: I would say it is a mixture there...
For its GUI and feeling definetely Home, for its business stuff for 2K.
In my experience Home has been a disaster for me! to tell the truth it looks more than a ME upgrade than a 2K one... Compared to Xp Pro its boot times are HUGE in seconds!
Ex: I have a webcam, creative, from the year 2000... It doesnt come with a driver for XP. XP home lets it install the driver without any problems while Pro sais: "It is not designed for XP, it can make your OS with problems and make it unstable!, we recomend that you do not install it!" but Microsoft say that Pro and Home are almost identical! besids the business stuff...
This showes that XP Pro is for sure more secure than Home...

Thanks for the welcomes eviltechie! I apreciated a lot!

If it werent for the media stuff I would stay with 2K definetely...

By the Way, I make CD Labels a lot and by now the best CD label maker software that I have used in my opinion is the one that come with the Plus! for XP package...
I want to find a good one so I can use it on 2K because I actually think that XP is too buggy, slow, and not for me...

Please if you have opinions contact me, It would be apreciated big time!

Thanks for the attention


07-13-2003, 12:03 PM
actualy my friend and i have tweaked our XP out so much that its faster than 2k pro now

somehow i think the XP manages the system resources a bit better even though they both use NT5 core

07-13-2003, 01:45 PM
actualy my friend and i have tweaked our XP out so much that its faster than 2k pro now

I doubt that eviltechie...
I have tried every single tweaking in XP's Os and I have NEVER had a better result in speed in XP than 2K

The only "tweak" that actually works is not the "classic style" that mostly think... It is this one:

1. Click the start button and go to the Run window...
2. Type services.msc , (the Services windows will show)
3. Scroll down and double-click on the themes button
4. In General click the "stop" button and change from automatic to disabled

Now you wont have the exact look as 2K (like the classic style) but XP will now be VERY lighter and absolutely no eye candy except for the icon, also the logon (classic) will not start as the fisher price look like with the classic style, this I found very annoying...

In most benchmarks 2K beats XP in office productivity, speed (except Logon) and sometimes stability (mostly think 2K beats XP badly in stability)

XP only beats 2K in games and for me that is NOT important because "I'm not a Gamer"

eviltechie: if you have some tweaks that actually work (not like the one, change to classic style, and those stuff) please tell me, it would be definetely appreciated...

Thanks for the attention


07-13-2003, 02:22 PM
how about performance

turn all the visuals off
inside Systems in Control Panel

go to Advanced then Settings in the Performance sections

07-13-2003, 02:31 PM
how about performance

turn all the visuals off
inside Systems in Control Panel

go to Advanced then Settings in the Performance sections

eviltechie: Yes, I have done that but XP's performance is still worse. It is too heavy for heavy use... in my opinion

with time XP gets slower and slower

and yes, all the visuals off

XP is still for me a BETA, not finished

It has too many bugs...

thanks for the attention


07-13-2003, 02:34 PM
SP2 coming out end of this year
maybe that will get things more on track

its true that performance gets worse and worse
thats why i refresh my machine once every few months

also yeah disable every services
i feel its faster than win2k
havent done any direct benchmark comparisons so i cant tell

07-13-2003, 03:28 PM
Virtually all of the core files that the two OS's use are the same resulting in very similiar performance. Windows XP is basically Windows 2000 with features to add compatiblity and function (and, yes, design). These are the things that slow XP down, however. The only real advancement that MS made with XP was increasing the efficency of its boot up process dramatically reducing the boot times. A good analogy (anything with cars is good :P ):
You have a car that has a real strong engine, a good chassis, and a single plastic seat and you'll have a very good performer that can't do a lot more than that. But then you take that car, put a better starter, some real seats with heaters, a roof rack, stereo, and an air conditioner. It can do a lot more for you but can't necessarily perform quite as fast with the extra few hundred pounds.