View Full Version : FS: Geforce FX 5900 ultra 256mb & 2 dell p991 19 inch mo

11-02-2003, 12:36 PM
Hi, I'm still selling my PNY Geforce FX 5900 ultra 256mb, 3 months old (you get full warranty because i have not registered the card, you also get 2 dell 19 inch monitors, they are in perfect condition, I will also add a logitech cordless mouseman, (good condition), all for $400, if you are in NJ, or somewhere near, we can do the deal in person, which woud work better since i'm not willing to ship first!
The reason why i'm selling the stuff is because i want the new 9800XT,
if you don't have the cash, (maybe you want to use a credit card), you can buy it for me, and i will give you the the difference, which would be about $80-100,
If you are interested, contact me here or at ktulu2323@yahoo.com