View Full Version : No control over my own HD

11-11-2003, 02:51 AM
Despite zone-alarm and an up-to-date norton AV 2002, I believe that I was the target of a virus or a hacker.
I use a P4 2600, HD 3 partitions; c:60GB (WinXPHome), d: 50GB and e:10GB ; no floppy drive.

After the attack I tried to run a rescue program (that I used before) to get the PC back to its purchase-condition, some kind of HD-copy.
But this time the program refused to work, and an error-message "no hard drives found" occured.

However, I am able to access and execute the files on any of the 3 partitions.

Also norton utilities announces trouble with the HD:
"norton disk doctor cannot obtain the physical disk characteristics of hard disk 2 (also 3 and 4) and is unable to test the partition information of the drive"

Further damage done, was the erase of e-mail, adresses, desktop and startmenu...

I did run a seagate diagnostic tool (9 hours, pffff) which proved the HD free of errors.
With an oline virusscan (norton), no virus was found.

How do I proceed?
I want to regain control over my HD.
The rescue program must be able to run.


11-11-2003, 09:17 PM
boot norton systemworks or w/e from the disk like with windows and it will run a system scan that likely wont be affected by the virus