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06-14-2001, 03:54 PM
The folks at Digit-Life attack the belly of NVIDIA's GeForce3 beast in an attempt to get some extreme overclocking goin. SPAMThey were able to reach 300/295 MHz and they got a 47% increase in performance in terms of FPS. SPAMHere's a clip:

It is interesting that the raise of the core frequency gives a greater credit than a growth of the memory clock speed. In 16-bit color overclocking of the memory gives nearly nothing to the graphics processor working at 200 MHz. But an expand of the video memory bandwidth has a considerable effect on the overall performance for the 300-MHz chip. It implies, that GeForce3 cards are well balanced, and the 200 MHz GPU doesn't need a faster memory. Only with an increase of the core clock speed, especially when reaching the maximum value (300 MHz), the memory bandwidth is insufficient, and then an increase of its frequency makes a positive effect. In 32-bit color the memory frequency has a stronger effect since the volume pumped through the video memory raises, and the memory bandwidth becomes insufficient with a slight increase of the core frequency.

NVIDIA GeForce3 - Extreme Overclocking (http://www.digit-life.com/articles/gf3oc/index.html)

06-15-2001, 03:44 PM
woah...... 47% . thats a VERY nice gain..
which utility did they use to O/C the card ?