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No Tact
01-18-2004, 06:03 PM
Images & Details (http://rdoenvironmental.com/4sale/4saledetail.htm)

NON CC Paypal or money order only. More info on terms at bottom of post.

Will not ship first or cross ship unless you have more heat than I do....

Since the prices are very low they are firm.

I have Heatware under "No Tact (http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=10139)" As of 05-04-04 All Positive. 233+


I add to this list almost daily and update it when stuff is added, sold or traded.


My Life - Family Record and diary Maker- $10.00 Shipped

Mavis Beacon: Teaches Typing V 1.5 - $5.00 Shipped

Floor Plan 3D: Home Design 6.0 - $7.00 Shipped


RTS Games

-Command & Conquer: Generals - Retail Complete - $15.00 Shipped

-Empires: Dawn of the Modern World - $20.00 Shipped

-Empire Earth - Jewel case and Disk - $10.00 Shipped

-Zeus Master of Olympus with user manual - $7.00 Shipped

-Populus: the Begining - $5.00 Shipped

-Shogun Total War: Special Warlord Edition with manual, maps, etc.- $10.00 Shipped

-Battle Realms with user manual - $5.00 Shipped

-Dogs of War - Jewel case and Disk - $5.00 shipped

FPS Games

-Aquanox & Master Rallye - Dual Case Combo - $8.00 Shipped

-Half Life - $7.00 Shipped

-Quake 3 Arena - $10.00 Shipped

-Serious Sam 1 - $8.00 Shipped

-Soldier of Fortune 2 - Clam case, manual and disk. - $14.00 shipped

-Will Rock - Jewel case, manual and Disk - $11.00 Shipped

3rd Person Games

-Flying Heroes - Jewel case and Disk - $5.00 shipped

-Grand Theft Auto 3 - $10.00 Shipped (2 Copies)

-Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Retail pacakge, Box, Jewel Case, Disk & Manual- $20.00 Shipped

-Heavy Gear 2 - Jewel case and Disk - $5.00 Shipped

-Hidden & Dangerous - Jewel case and Disk - $5.00 shipped

-Kingpin - Retail pacakge, cd, jewel case with manual. $6.00 shipped

-Sin - Jewel case and Disk - $5.00 Shipped

-Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation - Jewel case, manual and Disk - $5.00 shipped

-Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness - OEM Jewel Case and CD's - $10.00 Shipped

-Trick Style - Jewel case, manual and Disk - $8.00 Shipped

-The Thing - Retail package, Box, Jewel Case, Disk & Manual - $10.00 Shipped

Racing Games

-Crime Killer - Jewel case and Disk - $5.00 shipped

-Midnight Club 2 - Retail pacakge, box, discs, manual - $10.00 Shipped

-Test Drive 6 - Jewel case and Disks -$5.00 shipped

-Team Apache - Jewel case and Disk - $5.00 Shipped

-Moto Racer - Jewel case and Disk - $5.00 Shipped

-Nascar Racing 2003 - $7.00 Shipped

RPG Games

-Soulbringer - Jewel case and Disks - $6.00 Shipped

-Vampire: Masquerade - Retail Package - $10.00 Shipped.

Simulation Games

-M1A2 Abrams - Jewel case and Disk - $5.00 Shipped

Management Strategy

-Rails accross america and manual - $8.00 Shipped

Turn Based Strategy

-Disciples 2: dark prophecy with manual- $8.00 Shipped


Almost every HARDWARE item has an image. Pictures, item descriptions and accurate availability listing may be found here - Images & Details (http://rdoenvironmental.com/4sale/4saledetail.htm)

Sound Cards

Hard Drives

Seagate ST32120A - 2112MB=2.1GB - $12.00 Shipped

MAXTOR 7850AV MAXTOR 850MB 3.5" 3600RPM IDE HD - $5.00 shipped

Conner 250MB IDE HDD Model #CP30254 - $5.00 shipped

Optical Drives

Toshiba 6X CDROM Model #XM-5522B Vinyl Dyed Black - $8.00 shipped

Networking & Modems

D-Link DFE-530TX+ PCI Network Adaptor $15.00 shipped

Addtron AEF-330TX-1 10/100 PCI NIC - $6.00 shipped

ISA Stuff

DTC-3181E SCSI controller ISA Card - $2.00 shipped

Printer & Scanner Items

A/B Switch Serial connectors 2 port. $8.00 Shipped

Epson Stylus/Stylus Scan Color Print Cartridge #S020191 for: 440/640/660/670/740/740i/760/860/1160/2000/2500/ Models - $10.00 shipped

Cannon Color Print Cartidge #BCI-21 for: BJC-2000/4000/5000 - Multipass C2500/C3000/C5000 - CFX-B380IF - $10.00 shipped

Marstek (Mustek) CG800 hand scanner with ps2 ISA Card - $10.00 shipped

4 Port Parralel Printer A/B/C/D Switch - $15.00 shipped

ibm adf color scanner ScanFX FILE NO:E147395 SF600AC For use with IBM/PC * Compatibles - $10.00 shipped

Case Handles

Southco Concealed Pull Handles. 3 Types available, Small Set $5.00 shipped, Medium Set $6.00 Shipped and Large Set $7.00 Shipped. One set of each available.

Cases & Case Accessories

Chieftech Dragon Mid Tower Side Panel Black 2x80mm & 1x120mm Fan holes cut in the side and no handle - You Pay shipping it is yours.

Fans & Case Cooling Related

1-AAVID 40mm fan. Model 1450222 - $2.00 Shipped

1-40mm fan grill painted black $1.00 shipped

5-3 to 4 pin adapters for 3 pinned fans. $1.25 each plus shipping


Newpoint INP-102 Kids Learning Color Coded Mouse & 2 Port Switch - $8.00 shipped
The switch is A. kids mouse only, B. dual mouse setting for using 2 mice, C. Second mouse only.

Ball Mice - Your choice $3.00 shipped per mouse


Microsoft Natural Elite Ergonomic Keyboard, White- 12.00 Shipped


Notebook Memory NEC PC100-64MB SDRAM (pulled from Compaq Presario 1200s notebook in an upgrade # on RAM 6D16JN27JOWX) $20.00 shipped


3 - 250MB Iomega Brand Disks -$4.00 Each

5 - Used Imation TR-3 3.2GB Tapes - Take all for $10.00

Shipping for these media items is media mail by wieght with delivery confirmation or if preferefed USPS Priority by exact weight.

Backup Tape Drive

HP Colorado 5GB External Travan Tape Back Up System - $35.00 Shipped


Fujifilm Endeavor 10 - 35MM Camera - $8.00 Shipped

Speakers, Headphones & Microphones

Harmon Kardoon Speakers HK-19.5 Set $15.00 Shipped and image

Desktop Microphone - $4.00 Shipped


Creating Killer Websites Second Edition: Author - David Siegel - $25.00 shipped Perfect Condition

Photoshop Web Techniques + CDROM Author J. Scott Hamlin - $20.00 Shipped

Rock Chord Guide By Harvey Vinson - $10.00 Shipped

Sirens by Chris Archilleos - $10.00 Shipped

The Calvin & Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book by Bill Watterson - $10.00 Shipped

The Fantastic Art of Boris Vallejo by Boris Vallejo- $10.00 Shipped

Game Console

Sony Playstation Model #SCPH-7001, Gray type, Excellent Condition, accessories and 18 Games

Will consider selling separate games.

Take all of this stuff together for $100.00 Shipped.

PS1 and all connectors for audio and video
2-memory Cards
2-6 Foot Extension Cables
1 Controller (force feedback) and 18 Games

All games in mint condition. Each game comes with jewel case and instruction booklet inside jewel case. Like I said if you want an individual game just send PM me.

Playstation Game List of 18 Play Station One Games WILL sell single games.

1-2: $9.00 each
3-5: $8.00 each
5 or more: $7.00 Each

Gran Turismo
Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto: London Pack #1 London 1969
Road Rash 3D
Jet Moto2
Army Men 3D
Army Men: Sarges Heros
Alien Trilogys
Machine Hunter
Need for Speed 3
NHL Face Off 98
Caesars Palace 2000
Dino Crisis
Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation
Resident Evil: Directors Cut

Miscellaneous Stuff

Serial to PS2 Adaptors - $1.25 shipped each

HP Camera (Serial) port 5.25 Drive Tray with cable - $4.00 shipped

GE Answer-Phone With Voice Time/Day Stamp Model 2-9892 - $8.00 shipped

White Aviation Classics - Reno Air Races - Miss Reno Air Races X Large T-Shirt - $10.00 Shipped

Campbells Soup mug/bowl set of 4 with display case 2 - $18.00 Shipped

More to come...

Additional Terms

Will consider DVD's for trades. NO PREVIOUSLY VIEWED RENTAL HOUSE DVD'S!!! If I wanted those I would walk down and buy some.

Email or PM works best for me.

All prices are USD and shipping is to destinations in the continental USA.

I ship games and items that are priced low using USPS Media Mail with delivery confirmation if you desire priority mail add $2.00 for small orders.

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

I don't deal in dibs. You want it, I got it, paypal me. I have non CC paypal. I will accept echecks only after a firm deal between both parties and will not ship till the echeck clears paypal. I will accept money orders too but will not ship till I recieve the MO.

Thanks for looking.

01-18-2004, 07:23 PM
You are selling JUNKS!!
I will buy everything for $10!!

No Tact
01-18-2004, 08:10 PM
edited: "bunch of swear words directed at previous guy"

01-27-2004, 06:28 PM
I am extremly interested in your products especially the playstation package, but if you come upon any xbox products/games id be very interested, also if u have Command and Conquer: generals.
will notify you soon

No Tact
01-27-2004, 10:30 PM
I have the PS1 package available. Sorry no C & C Generals

05-14-2004, 09:48 PM

I am in need of UTGOTY software, since my original CDs have somehow become unstable. I was playing around with settings in UT and messed up some settings. So, I figured I would just reload, something I have not done in over 2.5 years... to my surprise, the CDs load partially, then hit a damaged area on the disk.... I can see the damage on the CD

You mentioned you have the CDs, Jewel Case, Manuals etc... for $12 (Unreal Tournament GOTY with Bonus Pack - Jewel case, manual and Disk $12.00 shipped ); this sounds like the same original I have. I have non CC PayPal. Please contact me via email so I can order, if you still have.... mpmg@optonline.net

Thank you,


No Tact
05-14-2004, 11:30 PM
Sorry UTGOTY was sold long ago the list is updated. Search over at Anandtech.com forums for it.