View Full Version : P-4 sytem good deal?

Grinnin Reaper
01-13-2002, 09:14 AM
I was watching that ShopNBC computer show with my wife for entertainment. SPAMA P-4 @1.7 GHz with 256 M of PC-133 Ram and a 40 Gig Hard Drive. SPAMHe spouts off how it's top of the line but glosses over the 16 Meg Graphics card. SPAMWhen he takes a call about upgrading he says you can but there's no need to upgrade the processor 'cause you would never know the diffrence. SPAMThen he says he would but a 10 Gig harddrive in there but they don't make them anymore and that there is no need to have that much space. SPAMThen he said that the computer industry has ran out of things to do and that's why they developed the larger drives. SPAMIt has a cd-burner and dvd drive and comes with a FREE DVD player. SPAMHe praises his system for easy set-up 'cause it comes with all the cables and there color coded. SPAMAt one point I ended up on the floor laughing at the idiot. SPAMWhen my wife called as a joke and asked about the motherboard they said they couldnt hear her and when they finally understood they mumbled something back. SPAMThey didn't even know how many slots it had. SPAMAnd with a 17" CRT it only costs 1799.94. SPAMWhat do ya think of that deal.