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05-28-2002, 11:06 PM

Amd 1 Gigahertz Thunderbird Cpu
Y.S. Tech Cpu Fan (Model#:FD1260257B-2A)
256 Megabytes of PC 133 Ram
Soyo K7vta Motherboard (Can take up to 1.5 gigs of PC 133 Ram)
Western Digital 15 Gig 7200 Rpm Hard Drive
1.44 Floppy Drive (with floppys 4 ya)
Hp Cd Writer Plus 9100 Series
Atx 3-bay Case
300 Watt Atx Power Supply
100 Megabyte Iomega Zip Drive (Comes with 3 new zip disks)
Ati Rage Fury 128 Agp Slot Graphix Card
Motherboard has Built in Sound
Ne2000 Ethernet Card
17 Inch Envision Monitor (Almost New)
Cannon FB320P Color/Black/White Scanner
Hp Deskjet 932C Printer
Multi Media Amplified Speakers
Microsoft Natural Keyboard
Hp PS2 Mouse
New Navy Kewl Mousepad
Tv Max Capture Card (With Chord To Capture DV port to Computer :
WATCH TV on PC/Record vhs to mpg)
6 Port Surge-PRotectoR
(System is Fast and Fully Operational, Nothing else required)

BRAND NEW: Rush Hour 2 DVD (mint condition) + 48 CD Holder Wallet

Willing to throw in a Sega GAME Gear with AC adaptor so you DON'T
need ANY batteries, GAMES INCLUDE: sonic 2 (2 of them) : Mighty Morphin
Power Rangers : Judge Dredd : Mortal Kombat : X-Men (all in cases, and
game gear comes in nice pouch with clean cases for all games carried
all nicely in that one light carrying case ( also the game MEGa Man! )
AND Booklets for 4 of the games for help/luxury!

Will also include a mint condition GAMEBODY COLOR with over 35 games,
around 7 games and 2 20in1 games. SPAMAll very fun and exciting to play!!!!!

Also got a SUPER NINTENDO with a controller and Mario world to throw in!!!!!

will throw in FLASH 5 BIBLE comprehensive guide to mastering
MACROMEDIA FLASH (original book) (50 dollar value)

Any cables and other software is included in this,
Mail me for any extra software You need, such as
windows or any Computer games/Programs/accessories and I will include
them in this package*

2 Trade : Looking for a Super fast laptop that SPAMcan capture
video from a digital camcorder and a nice digital camcorder
I have 200 dollars in cash to include in this package if your
offer is too good!!!(if its still too good, we can talk)

Cash: U.S. $1200 No shipping/TAX (NADA)(0) charges AT ALL (Willin' 2 bargain!!!)

4 any other inquiries, mail me below or Message ME Online

Mail : Cho2000@attbi.com
AIM Chat : Jetcho2k1