View Full Version : Simple way for MS peer-to-peer Networking

05-29-2001, 11:10 PM
I know a lot of people are having troubles with Microsoft Networking...Here's my simple way for microsoft peer-to-peer networking in ten steps!

1) install TCP/IP - make absolutely sure your cables are good and the IP address and mask info is correct.
2) Install file and print sharing (this starts server service thereby announcing your machine to netbios)
3) ensure workgoup names are exactly the same
4) make sure there are no duplicate IP addresses
5) make sure the computer names are unique and contain 14 characters or less of alphanumeric only (NO SPACES!!!, yeah I know it is supported, just don't do it)
6) turn both computers off.
7) turn the highest OS revision on first and let it stay on for 10 minutes. highest os being 2000 AS, 2000 server, 2000 workstation, NT4 server, NT4 workstation, win me, win98, win95, so on.
8)turn on the other machines, log in and browse away. If you really are having problems with netbios over IP then install netbeui, can take care of your master browser issues. don't lecture me about netbios it is a home network we're talking about here.
9) quit rebooting the machines!!!!
10) leave that highest OS revision on all the time.