View Full Version : Mapping a networked home folder in Win 98

11-21-2001, 07:29 AM
Using Win2000 Server. 2 machines, 1 Win 2000Pro, no problems, other Win98. Can't seem to get the 98 machine to map to the networked home folder specified in the profiles of the account on the server. Or come to that, the profiles to upload when logging off. I was thinking of using net use but that would not map using %username% the way Win2000 Server does.

Any bright ideas? ::)


12-15-2001, 08:35 AM
How are you networking the two machines (crossover, hub) and what protocols do you have installed?

Can you browse the workgroup with your 98 box? Map drives etc?

12-23-2001, 05:30 PM
Well, in your network settings, check out what network logon method you're using. SPAMI don't remember exactly how Windows 98 has it set up, but I remember it's screwy. SPAMI think there's maybe three different ways you can log on to a network, like Client for Microsoft Networks, Windows Network Logon, Microsoft Family Logon, or some junk like that. SPAMMake sure you have an account set up on the Win2k server with the default login name and password for your Win98 computer. SPAMThen again, you could just switch to Win2k on the Win98 computer to solve your problem ;).