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JackW 03-19-2009 01:52 AM

Antec 900 2 Gaming Case @ Bjorn3D
When companies are making cases designed for gamers they tend to generally stick to three main ideas. These three things are lights, airflow, and versatility. Gamers often times have massive graphics cards that they need to fit into cases and even sometimes have up to three of these 10.5' long cards crammed into their case. Lights are there to look pretty and keep the owner happy in the sense that they can say, 'Woo, pretty lights'. Along with those pretty lights, airflow is extremely important because of the amount of hardware and the amount of heat that hardware makes. That hot air needs to be moved out of the case in order to keep the temperatures within reasonable operating limits.

The Antec 900 gaming case is one of the most used cases on the market, and Antec realized this and decided to make a few changes to try and improve on an already, seemingly, perfect design. Antec really wanted to make the case more appealing and gathered the ideas of the those who were already owners of the case and expanded upon them to come out with the Antec 900 2.

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