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creativeguy 05-25-2004 10:32 AM

Welcome Creative Labs!
Hi all,

I'm happy to be here representing Creative Labs. Post any questions you have, and I will do my best to answer them. What do you want to talk about?
Soundcards?Speakers?Webcams? MP3?

Thanks to Jason for getting me on here!

Demian Bowman
Marketing Associate
Creative Labs, Inc.

Jason 05-25-2004 11:16 AM


Im certain that our forum visitors will be happy to ask you ton's of questions.

Welcome aboard.

StinkyMojo 05-25-2004 02:21 PM

oooo nice.. Hey demian, nice to have you here. Please don't hurt me because I use SoundStorm and not an Audigy.. j/k :biggrin:

Jason 05-25-2004 03:21 PM

The audio quality of the Audigy blows soundstorm away. Its just facts.

StinkyMojo 05-25-2004 06:14 PM

lol of course it does man.. I was just playing. You thought I was for real?

Jason425 05-25-2004 07:44 PM

You are for real.. audigy 2 = ownage.. I like creative hardware, but the software is so invasive and retarded (you CAN'T download the drivers, you have to install off the CD and then update) .. and I still haven't successfully gotten my 6.1 inspire system to sound evenly front and back

btw.. i was listening to some soundstorm.. and I heard a bunch of junk like all onboard sound.. no thanks!

Jason 05-25-2004 08:26 PM

The creative software isisnt that invasive as others. Try philips cards then LMK. BTW I will never own another philips card as long as I breathe air. Those drivers make no sense and need to be installed manually in many cases.

Jason425 05-25-2004 11:11 PM

let phillips stick to toothbrushes.. I wouldn't buy them either.. I've heard good things about the turtle beach cards.. but I got this because of the 6.1 capability..

Uranium-235 05-25-2004 11:45 PM

I hear about Problems with creative cards, how they cards use up more CPU, and install more crap programs you don't need. Someone I know has one and it installed and it installed this bar on top of her desktop, more memory needlessly used up.

viva la Hercules Fortissimo III

edit: but yeah I hear your speakers are pretty good

Jason425 05-26-2004 12:07 AM

yea since you can spend $300 on megaworks.. $100 for these doesn't seem that bad.. i mean they can't be 3 times better than this.. The software is invasive but can be controlled.. and I don't like the fact that the front center is always the quietest speaker no matter how loud you tell it to get (yes i've switched speakers.. they're all the same)

Jason 05-26-2004 09:58 PM

The creative speakers do rock. and TWL might be giving away a set of travel speakers, so stay tuned.

Prometheus 05-27-2004 12:36 PM

I have to get a sound card soon :) my onboard sound card lags up when there are heavy graphics or high cpu usage (Far cry cinema scenes)

Jason425 05-27-2004 04:29 PM


StinkyMojo 05-28-2004 09:47 AM


Originally Posted by prometheus
I have to get a sound card soon :) my onboard sound card lags up when there are heavy graphics or high cpu usage (Far cry cinema scenes)

are you using ac97 ?

Prometheus 05-28-2004 11:09 AM


StinkyMojo 05-28-2004 11:15 AM

yeah.. when i had ac 97 i just used a soundblaster live 5.1.. (I hated that card too)

Prometheus 05-28-2004 11:20 AM

I found a forum in Ireland with a classified/wanted for techies so I will just ask for one there.

Dragon 05-28-2004 05:04 PM

and replacing graphics lag for things my computer does wrong: *sound lag*

hmmm..... logic please? is this not a little better than graphics lag?

Prometheus 05-28-2004 05:48 PM

the sound goes slower than the graphics

Jason425 05-28-2004 10:25 PM

sound is on 33mhz pci bus and graphics on 66mhz agp bus...

creativeguy 06-09-2004 10:02 AM

Jason was absolutely right about the software- you can control the "invasiveness" of our software. Just choose a custom installation for tons of options.
As to our cards: The Creative chips have a lot of kick. What other PCI card actually helps the CPU in processing (besides a video or capture card) Rhetorical question!
Take a look at some recent benchmarks. You'll be amazed. No other company has anything like the Audigy 2 in processing power or true audio quality. Competitive offerings make a stab at one or the other.


vee_ess 06-09-2004 01:29 PM

I don't know as much as I'd like to about the top-level sound cards, so I was wondering how the Audigy 2 and the Revolotion 7.1 compare.

creativeguy 06-09-2004 08:33 PM

It's funny, I don't get many competitive sound card questions anymore. ;) It's getting harder to find competition in retail- with the exception of Fry's Electronics.
The Audigy 2 is similar in audio quality to the card you mentioned. The processing power is the key here. However, the latest ZS cards can decode Dolby Dig EX and DTS ES in hardware.
As for gaming, the Audigy cards are the only ones to process EAX Advanced HD. Other cards handle an older version of EAX, but only in software.

Hope this helps facilitate discussion!


Prometheus 06-09-2004 10:23 PM

If I wasnt saving for my x800 I might buy an audigy my onboard doesnt cut it...

Jason425 06-09-2004 11:46 PM

pfft @ x800.. 9500 = pwnage until hl2 comes out.. which will never happen (well basically) so there is nothing to worry about.. hopefully they time it with the x880xt

Prometheus 06-09-2004 11:47 PM

of course

eviltechie 06-10-2004 03:40 AM

hl2 comes out in sept i think
might be another fat cheque but that date is what and believes it to be

Audigy 2 is a great card
will the SB Live! 5.1 Platinum live drive work with Audigy 2 card?

creativeguy 06-10-2004 08:37 AM


Originally Posted by eviltechie
Audigy 2 is a great card
will the SB Live! 5.1 Platinum live drive work with Audigy 2 card?

Yes and No- for the newbies, the pinouts on the card and drive are you can't use the cables that come w/ it. If you're careful, you could use an ide cable to do it, but not recommended.

vee_ess 06-10-2004 04:59 PM

Can the Audigy encode Dolby Digital? I'm planning on eventually putting a preamp and amp with some real speakers, and that would make it a lot easier, reliable, and better in terms of performance.

creativeguy 06-12-2004 05:44 PM

Dolby Digital was no problem, going all the way back to the Live!
For higher end Dolby D-EX or DTS, go for the Audigy 2ZS.
It's worth your while.

vee_ess 06-15-2004 12:55 AM

Good to hear. I had thought that they could only decode DD.

I forgot to mention a few more questions I had about future connections. Are there going to be any digital coax connectors as inputs on the cards? Will the new digital audio over IEEE 1394 standard be supported (not the same as what's currently on the card for networked gameplay; what'll be used for high-bandwidth digital audio connection in home theater) and will there be a possibility that there is an input in addition to an output of that?

creativeguy 06-15-2004 10:22 AM

Good questions. Truthfully, I don't know what's going to be on the next Sound Blaster.

vee_ess 06-15-2004 10:18 PM

Thanks. I hope I don't seem too persistent with these.

Jason425 06-16-2004 12:29 AM

Well this kind of is his job (well i'm pretty sure he's not doing this on his free time) so no.. help yourself ;)

creativeguy 06-16-2004 09:42 AM

Absolutely, J. This is my job, so keep the questions coming!
I sincerely don't know what;s happening with the new card, and I couldn't leak the info if I did.
NEWS: We just announced the Zen Touch on the website. It's our smallest Portable Audio player yet, and with some amazing features like a 24-hour battery. WOW!

StinkyMojo 06-16-2004 10:48 AM

woot.. all nomads own.. I have the original MuVo 64mb ;)

bilo86 06-17-2004 12:02 AM

I have a Sound Blaster 16 PCI and it sucks. =/ It's the truth. I wish I wouldn't of under estimated sound cards when I built my computer, I should have invested more into a half way decent one. Any suggestions...

Jason425 06-17-2004 12:24 AM


yea.. get an audigy 2 oem.. pretty cheap and you don't need that extra drive (I got it because of 6.1.. the zs's support 7.1)

Dragon 06-17-2004 02:17 PM

yea ive got a question... whats the advantage of having, say, a 500w 5.1 system as opposed to an 80w 5.1 system?

also, since im in the market for new speakers: how do i get the best quality, im not necessarily looking for LOUD loud, but i still want loud. i use my computer for watching alot of movies, so i want to get 5.1, THX, and whatnot, but i dont really know what all the acronyms mean, and the ones i do know, like square means root, just confuse me more. any help, or referral to where i can learn these things would be great. thx.

right now im using a set of justers with a subwoofer, the subwoofer plugs into my PC, and the speakers plug into the sub. in back i have my 150 SHARP shelf system... i have terrible bass quality. not sure how relavent any of that was..

Dragon 06-17-2004 02:44 PM

i was looking a this one, and im stuck between the audigy 2 ZS and the Audigy 2 ZS platinum Pro... does the Pro have better sound quality, or just more features? i like the guitar inputs, do you know what size those jacks are?

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