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Grinnin Reaper 06-24-2001 09:01 PM

Another problem with Windows
Got another gripe with windows. SPAMI have 98se and am trying to run some old programs. SPAMI mean old, old programs. SPAMMin requirments are 386sux 16 and 2meg ram and 1 extended. SPAMProblem is it wants to run in real dos mode. SPAM98 got rid of this (of course) and removes alot of old games from the reach of normal gamers. SPAMI figure there had to be an emulator for this but I ain't sure. SPAMIf ya'll know of one that let's you run old stuff let me know. SPAMI tried to run it anyway and it crashed. SPAMThen I tried to restart in MS-DOS which is very neutered and has almost no functions left. SPAMIt allways crashed even if it almost ran. SPAMWhat can I do? SPAMUnless someone knows of a download of Battlechess that can run in 98. SPAM

SinnopS 06-29-2001 11:28 AM

Re: Another problem with Windows
how about making a small partition and installing DOS on that

Grinnin Reaper 07-02-2001 07:26 PM

Re: Another problem with Windows
Good idea. SPAMOnly problem is I only got one computer and it's a laptop. SPAMI really need to build me another system. SPAMJust waitin on mo' money. SPAMKnow what I mean.

bwbarbieri 08-14-2001 06:07 PM

Re: Another problem with Windows
You have only one computer, and.....? SPAMI've seen people on single-drive systems with drives as small as 300 to 500 MB construct multiple partitions.

Try System Commander or Partition Magic (or other free Partition managers) to repartition your drive without losing the current setup. SPAMOr, make an image of the current drive and repartition using fdisk from DOS. SPAM [I think DOS might have to be in partition 1 -- not 0.]

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