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SeeSam 08-13-2001 09:40 AM

How to stop CODE RED...
just get the latest update from the mictosoft update site...
you are wouneabel if you are using win2k or NT 4.0, with IIS (Internet Information Server 4.0 or 5.0)
The Code red makes a backdoor in the "explorer.exe"
wicth makes hackers abel to get any info. out of your system.
you can pervent infection, by updating, your software from ;)

Keefe 08-13-2001 09:43 AM

Re: How to stop CODE RED...
Thanks...i was just about to patch my system!

Josh 08-16-2001 05:52 PM

Re: How to stop CODE RED...
Dude you are SO screwed, if you havent patched your system yet!

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