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Originally Posted by WyndeChilde
I applied once... only once, and I forgot about it. When I received the email, I thought it was spam. It's a miracle that I even saw my name. I actually stared at it for a good minute or so and closed/reopened the email a few times. LOL!

Thanks Techware and Xoxide!
I hear ya, yahoo filtered it to bulk mail for me.

Originally Posted by Outrager
Sweet! I won the Xoxide C6 Blackhawk
How, does any of the winners want to trade? I have a case that looks like this and would like a different one. If not this case is pretty cool anyway.
I'm in the same boat I won the SS Warior Silver. I have a Lian Li 60 that I have already put a window and panel fans in and it looks very similar. But I ain't complaining. Having two sweet cases is better than one.

I echo the appreciation Techware and Xoxide.
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