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Okay guys here's a test done on this. Only the slimmest of margins did XP or 2000 come out on top. Xp does boot the fastest from my experinece but that's a small detail. And 2000 loads slowly with a default install on 1.5 Ghz and up systems. I've had them side by side and their is no comparsion. I work in a computer shop for a bank, sometimes I have an chance to tinker with such things. My new Dell can boot 98 in just over 30 seconds. When I had two Dells here at work side by side I could have the 98 system up and running, shut it down and have it back up by the time the 2K system was up. Granted this is in a buisness enviorment but it's left a bad taste in my mouth for 2k. Don't say the configuration was wrong, it was a default install of 2K with sp1. But enough of my rant here's what the guys at Tom's hardware have to say.
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