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Oh I forgot 2 mention - since OSX is slower than even XP & stuff (4 running windows aps), the other thing that knocks Mac out of the running (4 PC use) is their prior OSes (9, on back) are the most counter-intuitive piles of crap I have ever seen in my life. There is no taskabar 2 keep things organized. U can't get in there & fiddle with settings easily, & U can't even C what programs R open easily - it piles up into a big mess, & the menu bars change like the wind. It's a nightmare (seriously).

Mac is a 'protest brand' - divided mainly into the gays (why their logo is a rainbow - 2 appeal 2 the ass pirates), & trendy girls (oooh - it's 'aqua') lol

Mac is also priced always about 3X what it should B 4 the same performance on a PC architecture - & what's more, all U R getting with mac now is just a PC with a fancy BSD variant OS! So, buy ya'self a PC & put OSX on it if that's your thing -save 2/3 the cost

Again, 4 most speed, 95osr1 kicks a lot of ass. I bet nobody on this thread even has a 95osr1 CD. U can't even order them from Micro$cam NE more. Theyr'e out there if U google around though.
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