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Default Trick

2 run NT & other stuff that is 'not compatable' with 95osr1, U just move the required files over from a later OS - keeping the old (fast) kernel of 95osr1

Sure, there R some progs that won't work - someday I will hire somebody maybe 2 canabalize the 'get special folders' & other function calls that R missing from the old kernel. Somebody should write a prog that lets U take the LATEST 98SE kernel & SUBTRACT the cripples from it.

10,000,000 tweaker programs out there, & NOTHING 2 mod the kernel? I mean sh*t - that's the most important tweak that a person could do 2 their machine! Somebody write 1, so we don't have 2 change the whole OS architecture just 2 get more speed & reliability

1 of the things Micro$teal does is bundle 'features' that slow things down - like how when U 'upgrade' 2 IE6 on an SE machine, it gets completely unstable, or when U 'upgrade' XP 2 OSR2 (bad news), gets all slow - so people think 'hey I need a new machine 4 more speed' - no, U don't.

Change the OS! =)
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