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When I had XP, I loved it and was extremely hesitant to switch to Vista. After building a new computer and installing Vista, I had one problem after another. I got BSOD's at least once a day and it always happened at the most inconvenient times. Once SP1 was released the BSOD problem was a thing of the past. I am using the 32-bit version of Vista now and I absolutely love it. As Nitro said:

Originally Posted by Nitro View Post
...Personally, at first i wasn't a huge fan of Vista, but now that i have used it for an extended period of time i now love it. I actaully hate using a windows XP machine.
I couldn't agree more. I refuse to use XP on my own computers. There are a lot of bad rumors that are floating around about vista but in actuality, its a great operating system. You cant complain that its too slow because that just means your computer isnt up to par. I have a laptop that is over 3 years old, that came with XP home that was purchased for $1000. It is now running vista completely fine. If your computer is slow, there are things that you can do to make it faster such as turning off Aero. When you do this, you will notice a durrastic difference in performance. I wish people would actually give Vista a chance before they make fun of it because I know it would make their life easier.

P.S. Just because Outlook doesnt respond for a minute, doesnt mean that Vista is crap. (JasonD)
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