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Originally Posted by Jason View Post
Vista is only missing horns and a pitchfork. If you open the right combination of applications a portal to the seventh level of hell opens and sucks you in.
I'm sorry but Vista is so much better written than XP in terms of code quality. People just get pissy cause they can't run every single bell and whistle at the same time on their 5 year old e-machine. God forbid you have to disable a feature or two, or turn down the pretty. Everyone also complains about Vista and viruses. In terms of product releases, Vista has had significantly less viruses in it's life span than compared to XP in the same amount of time. XP wasn't even close to safe until service pack 2. If you plug an original unpatched version of XP into the internet, it will catch a virus withing about 10 minutes if you just leave it there (blaster worm anyone?). Don't even get me started about Macs. The forum server doesn't have enough space to store the rant that I have about that topic.
There's always a workaround........
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