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Default :) I can help!

Yea, same thing happened to me. Like it was terriable slow.. like i ahve a -4 2.4 sustrem, not that slow... but when i clicked start it would tak elike 15 seconds to appear... I dont know everyhting about your problem, all i know is that we had the simalar problem, and if this dosnt work for you, dont get mad, b cuz this is how i fixed it.

1. Click Start
2. Click run
3. Type in msconfig
4. This is where it gets fuzzy, since i did this a LONG time ago. But you need to play around with this...I am correct i clicked selective startup, or maby it was diagnostic, I dont remember.

~If you dont wanna have these annoying microsoft problems, just delete windows, and install Linux. i suggest Redhat, or mandrake. but thats just me . ~

(When i said delete windows, i meant in general, I diddnt mean delete the windows folder, this post kinda makes me sound mean, but in alot of forums there are alot of ppl who will try and burn you on everything they can, I am a Long time reader of TWL (like 2-3years) But I desited to start posting ! ) you will be seeing alot more of me.

If you see somthign wrong with my post (somthing incorrect, like commads please fix it)
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