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Default UPDATED Forum Rules: Read before Posting!

These are the official rules for the TWL forums. We suggest you read before posting.
  1. No spam of any kind allowed. This includes link spam and picture spam and of course spam related to advertising or trying to sell cell phone service, cigarette, viagra, etc in a thread.
  2. No excessive flaming allowed.
  3. No excessive ranting allowed.
  4. No Porn of any kind allowed.
  5. No linking to illegal software allowed.
Breaking these simple rules will result in a temporary or permanant ban. Banning is at the discretion of the admins. Please feel free to report a user that has broken the rules to myself or another admin so we may handle it.


If you post spam that leads to another site or is obviously marketing junk I will post your IP for all to see and urge my forum members to test your antivirus/firewall. In essense DON'T POST SPAM IN MY FORUM!

If you post for sale items outside the for sale forums the thread will be deleted.

If you post spam you will likely be permanantly banned.
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