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Default NAV uninstall fix for dhcp problems

Thanks to tronz for posting (8/9/03) the correct fix for my NAV uninstall problems.

After uninstalling NAV 2003 on two WinXP machines, they would not acquire local ips from my LAN. Deleting the SYMTDI registry references worked like a charm.

On the first uninstall, I wasn't aware of this known problem and hadn't downloaded Symantec's special tool for complete removal. tronz's fix worked immediately (well, after an hour or so of searching around to find it). For the second uninstall, I ran Symantec's RNAV2003.exe tool (after following their directions to first try Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs)...and the same problem persisted !!!! tronz's fix to the rescue, again.

As a long-time Norton fan, I am disappointed at the direction Symantec has taken the software in the last several years. My uninstall debacle confirmed the wisdom of my recent switch to a different solution. How can a consumer trust a security company that, even when specifically writing code to do so, can't provide an effective uninstall program? My experience suggests that Symantec are either:

1) incompetent at coding or managing their software projects
2) don't care sufficiently about the end user (perhaps the corporate experience is different)
3) intentionally make it difficult to migrate to other products.

I encourage users to investigate other antivirus solutions...but I wouldn't be surprised if many on the bb reached that conclusion a long time ago.
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